Message From Montague Keen: February 18, 2018 – “If everyone stood up for justice, then justice you would get.”


If you haven’t read Montague Keen before, his messages are channeled by his wife Veronica. Montague’s message is direct and he makes no bones about what needs to be acknowledged and addressed. There isn’t a lot as far as topic background, but if you do decide to read up on the topic areas he speaks of, you’ll be able to follow the message.

As always, do your own research (DYOR,) use your discernment, and seek to find and know your truth.

The awakening is now.

Be well, Everyone.


Message from Montague, February 18, 2018

Veronica, my dear, now you know without doubt, just how far the Cabal will go to protect and preserve its hold on humanity. What has happened this week has shocked you to the core. Evil is not too strong a word for it. Those with whom you shared the information are horrified that this should have happened in England. The Peer of the Realm whom you approached for assistance with this matter, is out of his depth. He had no idea that such a situation has become the norm.

The Cabal is attacking everyone, worldwide, who dares to expose their plans. That such evil actions can be taken against anyone should act as a warning to all of you. I know, my dear, that you are doing all in your power to expose these crimes. Make no mistake, this is a crime. This is but the tip of the iceberg. It is happening every day, but few care, because it does not directly affect them. They fail to realise that this is what will happen to everyone unless you find the courage to stand up to it. If everyone stood up for justice, then justice you would get. The Cabal operates as it wishes because the majority of you close your eyes to what they are doing. When you see injustice, you should shout it from the rooftops, for one day it might be you in need of help.

Veronica has been exploring the work of an amazing woman in America whose efforts should be studied and acted upon:


Her work will open your minds to what you are living through. Her research is first class. Please take the time to learn about what is being done to you and to the Earth that you should protect. Forget all the petty things, explore how you can survive and protect humanity. Your enemies have achieved control by stealth. You are the 99% whose strength will overpower the Cabal, if you stop being useless puppets, and open your minds to what the Cabal is doing to you. Look at the bigger picture. Your survival is what matters.

I know, my dear, that you were shocked when you realised that the legal profession in the UK is corrupt, as it is in America. There is no justice in your world. You have given away all your rights. All countries have removed the rights of the people. Do you really believe that you have a voice when you vote? There is not one leader in your world who has the power to do anything. They are all puppets, obeying their masters. Even Mr Trump (though he is doing more than any other President) does not have the power to do all that needs to be done. Trump does not allow chemtrails over America now. He has also removed the surveillance cameras. However, if he steps too far out of line, he will be assassinated, and he knows it. He must tread carefully.

They did it to Kennedy, and ensured that the whole world watched, as a warning to all future presidents who step out of line. This is what you are dealing with. The sooner you wake up to this fact, the better for all of you. Every day, innocent people are locked away for fictitious ‘crimes’ and the Cabal throws away the key. Sometimes the medical mafia is used to make pronouncements, so that the Cabal can lock people away. This is the norm in your world. One day, it could be you. Who will stand up for you?

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. What are you prepared to do to save it? Stop taking the Cabal’s medication which is slowly killing you. Refuse their GM food. Demand that your government takes action to protect you, or remove that government. Why should you pay taxes to pay for chemtrails which cause cancer and other deadly diseases. Are you really that helpless that you give them permission to kill you! The Cabal is playing games with your lives. What will it take to wake you up to this reality?

Last week, Veronica saw, first hand, what they are capable of. It was a real shock to her but she is taking steps to expose it and protect those involved. Protect your freedom. You do not realise how precious it is until you have lost it. One day, it may be taken from you. Never be so foolish as to think that it could not happen to you. Two people whom Veronica knows, thought that it could never happen to them. But now they know otherwise.

Knowledge is power. Explore the plans of the Cabal. They do not hide their plans as they believe that you are too stupid look at them. Take back your power from religion. The Vatican is on shaky ground as its dark secrets are being exposed. It will not survive. It is based on lies.

Microwaves have been weaponised. They are being used to kill, to destroy property. They can be directed wherever the Cabal wishes. They are also used to target individuals and to put messages into their heads. Those unfortunate individuals may be instructed to kill or do whatever the Cabal demands. It is happening all the time. People are temporarily taken over and they obey the instructions they are given. THEY ARE VICTIMS TOO. Humanity is being played with and it is not nice for us to see this happen. We observe what is happening on the Earth and we can see it more clearly than you, who are actually there. For you are blinded to what is being done to you.

It is URGENT that you research what is being done to destroy you. ACT on your findings. Meditate whenever possible, to lift yourselves out of the darkness that surrounds you. You are being attacked from every possible angle. Humanity has never been so vulnerable, so action is needed now.

The Cabal ensures that you feel helpless and hopeless. Do you have the courage to become what you really are, a being of light, having an experience on Earth, who has been captured by the Cabal. Take back your power, and together, TAKE BACK YOUR WORLD.

Tell them that their game is over and they must leave the Earth. They are not welcome. All this can be done without recourse to killing. When enough of you refuse to work for them and support them, they will go. You must find the courage and the strength to bring this terrible situation to a conclusion. Ask yourself what you are prepared to do, to protect your lives and the Earth you live upon. If Veronica, who is not in the first flush of youth, is prepared to step forward to protect the vulnerable and humanity, then what are you prepared to do. Together you stand, divided you fall.

My dear, my heart went out to you as you tried to cope with one shock after another last week. Every fibre of your being cried out to protect your friend as the Cabal took control. It is not over yet. Remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “IN THE END, WE WILL REMEMBER NOT THE WORDS OF OUR ENEMIES, BUT THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS.”

The battle is not over yet. Take heart, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


Message from Veronica

Dave has asked me to thank you for your letters. They are a great source of comfort to him. He has had letters from 11 countries and 7 states in the US. Even one from County Clare, in Ireland. He has asked me to let you know that he cannot receive padded envelopes or anything with sparkle or perfume.

He is an avid reader. He welcomes your suggestions. He is not allowed hardback books, they must be paperbacks. He has also asked if those of you in America would allow him to call you, to connect with you. You would have to accept the charge, however, as he is allowed to talk for only 18 minutes each time.

If you send your email address, the reply would have to be sent through me, Veronica Keen.

Your letters mean so much to him. Thank you for being kind enough to reach out to him.

Contact Details

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Tolec from Dakote: DEEP DISCLOSURE, Down the Rabbit Hole, Interview Parts I & II

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find and know your truth.

Topics touched on and quotes below video.

Be well, Everyone.

  • Background on M and Miss M
  • Nesara
  • St. Germaine and the prosperity funds
  • There will be a prosperity program
  • Plan for the rollout / transition
  • Trump ain’t what people perceive him to be
  • Video 2
  • Manifestation
  • Financial forgiveness program
  • The energy Event
  • Time travel and the Mandela effect
  • 7 transdimensional realities
  • Time loops & the looking glass
  • Stargates and galactic commerce
  • High Council and more

“We have to manifest the new reality (of self-empowered humans,) otherwise we are giving consent via action to the current system of enslavement.”

  • Q-Anon reference
  • March 2018 solar event
  • [Add’l evidence: Lee Harris March Energy Update] [Also, much language in recent webbot reports mention “March”] [Also, Montague Keen channeling mentions ‘March/soon.’]
  • A public takedown will ramp up some more (to some, it might look like Trump is conducting a civil war)
  • Timeline collapses (I may have experienced these myself, aka a feeling of “death”)
  • Looking glass
  • Will Nikolai Tesla’s papers become more publicly visible now tgat they’ve been declassified
  • Quote at 1:16:00
  • Global currency reset (GCR)
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FIFTY8 Interviews Alba Weinman / Past Life Regression

A good interview with Alba Weinman.  Topics touched on below the video.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find and know your truth.

Be well, Everyone.

FIFTY8 Interviews Alba Weinman / Past Life Regression

Filmaker and Photographer, Billy Rood from FIFTY8 interviews Alba Weinman / Past Life Regression

In her past life regression sessions she discusses her method called The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness Hypnosis and how she developed her technique.

In each of these films you can view one of her sessions
and see/feel what people have experienced.

PART I – Developing a Technique
Alba talks about her journey starting as a life coach and was soon guided to the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) by Dolores Cannon and hypnotherapy in Miami, FL. She became friends with Antonio Sangio and learned other techniques by Aurelio Meijia which led her to discover her own technique. Included is a session of a Reptilian living on Mars.

PART II – What is Hypnosis?
Alba talks about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon and the experience people have on her own technique which she documents on YouTube. We discuss what hypnosis is and how she also goes into a hypnotic state in order to flow with her clients during her sessions. Included is a session describing what will happen when the “veil is lifted” during the Event.

PART III – The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness & Entity Attachment
Alba talks about her sessions and how forgiveness is such an important part of her practice and hypnotherapy. She shares how forgiveness releases a lot of energy that holds us back. We also discuss entities and how they can attach to our frequency and how to release them with forgiveness and a higher vibration. Included is a session with an entity and how Alba uses her techniques to release them.

PART IV – Regression Techniques
Alba discusses other techniques and how hypnosis works by inductions and how to reach the subconscious by diverting the ego. She also discusses her mission and intention of waking up the masses during this time of ascension. Every session of hers is different and it depends on the person and what their higher self needs to tell them at that time. Included is a session with a message to Lightworkers.

PART V – The Moment of NOW and Ascension
Alba talks about her childhood and how it prepared her for her mission. In her sessions, she talks about how she is helping her clients remember their mission and how the Earth is ascending. The energy that we are experiencing NOW are shining a light on “seeds” causing us to grow and awaken. Alba talks about synchronicities and an amazing gift from her guides she received that morning.
Included is a message from one of her sessions in regards to Ascension.

PART VI – Shine Your Light
Alba describes how her sessions on YouTube can show frequency changes and how those vibrations can resonate with the viewers. She believes her videos are so powerful because it is a moment of showing a pure soul in an intimate moment of love. Alba also shares a personal message about her future and to others and the importance of being of service to others. Included is a powerful session with a client visiting a profound past life.

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Interview: CryptoBlood and Clif High, Feb. 2018

Two popular personalities on youtube in one interview. Topics listed below the video.

Be well, Everyone.

Topics touched on

  • Webbot data questions
  • Bitcoin or gold as a hedge
  • America in the new world order
  • Tesla and star man
  • Yellowstone and volcanic activity
  • Reincarnation
  • Swamagee
  • Grand solar minimum
  • Health
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Thoughts About Words- “There is no ‘other side.'”

As our awareness and understanding of the world increases, the language we use needs to change as well. I have to remind myself at times that this is a big world, and everyone’s truth (and understanding and awareness) varies.  I did have some thoughts on the topic and share them below.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find and know your truth.

Be well, Everyone.

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Lee Harris Energy Update – March 2018 – Dealing With People Pleasing

From Lee:

March is going to be a very interesting month. There is an enormous WAVE OF CREATIVITY in the year of 2018, and March, April, May, June are going to be really strong creatively. One of the big themes that just came up in my recent Energy Mastery Retreat was THE END OF PEOPLE PLEASING. This is going to be a big theme in March along with CONFLICT ENERGY, FOCUSING FORWARD, TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF and asking WHAT AM I CREATING NEXT?

Bottom line, learn to take better care of yourself by acknowledging your own inner needs.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find and know your truth.

Be well, Everyone.

About Lee Harris:

Lee is a gifted energy intuitive, channeler, author, and teacher who is bringing an extraordinary new light to our rapidly-changing world. Leading a vibrant online community, Lee reaches over 100,000 people around the planet every month. His weekly Energy Updates, broadcast on YouTube, have received over 2.5 million views to date and offer practical guidance for navigating daily life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism.

With his penetrating insights into the energetics of emotions, and his teachings on how to integrate spirituality into daily life in grounded and practical ways, Lee’s private clients and retreat participants report profound shifts as they discover a new understanding of who they are here to be.

His acclaimed Energy Mastery retreats and Energy Tune-Up seminars, held around the globe, are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving, and awakening.

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Message from Montague Keen, Feb 11, 2018 – “Doors are closing on the elite Cabal.”

“Meditate whenever possible, as it will create a link with your higher self “

If you haven’t read Montague Keen before, his messages are channeled by his wife Veronica. Montague’s message is direct and he makes no bones about what needs to be acknowledged and addressed. There isn’t a lot as far as topic background, but if you do decide to read up on the topic areas he speaks of, you’ll be able to follow the message.

That said, continue to do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth. The awakening is now.

Be well, Everyone.


Message from Montague, Feb 11, 2018

It is happening, my dear. Doors are closing on the elite Cabal. You can see the light emerging, exposing the corruption. The light is shining on the last administration in America. Many are shocked by what is being revealed as well as by the extent of it. Facts have to be faced. Everything was the exact opposite of what you were lead to believe. Trust me, this is but the first layer of the onion. There are many more shocks in store for you. Many years ago, I pointed out that nothing is as it seems. You have been lied to about absolutely everything, especially religion, which is the great cancer controlling the lives of the people of the Earth.

You are only just awakening to what is being done to destroy human life on Earth. Testosterone is being destroyed to prevent reproduction. This is happening worldwide. The Cabal has introduced transgenderism to confuse your mind controlled children. THIS IS AN EVIL PLAN and it will destroy many young lives. The Cabal is using CANCER to eliminate millions of you. Please research this and you will understand that they are wiping out humanity and you are doing nothing about it. They are filling your heads with sport, social gossip, TV, and of course, the most successful trap of all, MONEY. They own the banks, so they control it.

People must learn to say NO, and refuse to assist in the killing. Everything that is being done to kill you must be exposed. When people tell you that YOU and YOUR CHILDREN must be vaccinated, withdraw from those people immediately. They are part of this destruction. Do not trust them. Work together, support each other, and share knowledge whenever possible. The Cabal has no problem finding weak spineless people to do the dirty work for them; work that one day they will pay a high price for having done. Be careful whom you serve, as nothing is hidden now. Saying it was my job will not be accepted as an excuse, as you know that it will harm people. It does not matter how small a part you play, it is part of the whole. Never forget that.

Take back your power. Meditate whenever possible, as it will create a link with your higher self which will lift you out of the control system which shackles you. Free your minds and begin again.

Look at those who wrote the Bible. HUNDREDS OF YEARS AFTER THE ONE THEY CALL JESUS, LIVED, THE CABAL WROTE IT, and you have bought their stories, hook, line, and sinker. You are still quoting it, every day, as if it were true. It is not. It is the noose around your neck. The truth is all around you, you only have to look for it. When one returns to the afterlife, it takes a while to adjust to the truth because we were bombarded by so many lies from birth to death. Humanity has been completely taken in by them, but not anymore. The truth will set you free from bondage. The Anunnaki will answer for what they have done to humanity.

Please take responsibility for your children. Do not allow them to fall into the traps that have been set for them by the Cabal. Schools do not educate children; that stopped many years ago. Instead, they brainwash them with illuminati lies. Children have no idea that they are powerful Beings of Light, experiencing life on Earth. All that is knocked out of them at an early age. They are taught, instead, that they must depend on the Cabal to provide all that they will need to survive. THEY ARE NOT TAUGHT TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES, to explore nature, to understand who and what they are. How sad is that? All that was good on Earth has been destroyed. IT CAN AND WILL BE REPLACED.

You (yes, all of you) must now become the architects of the future. Take back all that was taken from you. Remove all the EVIL TECHNOLOGY such as HAARP in Alaska. Antarctica must be exposed for what it is. A lot of people must be removed from office. Remember that SCUM rises to the top and it is difficult to remove. Big changes must be made and good people must be ready to take charge when necessary. Pray that there are many more like Donald Trump who will accept the challenge to protect humanity.

Watch the following video: The Great Awakening has begun. American Intelligence Media. Thomas Paine.

We, who are safely here in the afterlife, want to extend our grateful thanks to those who have written to Dave, a good and kind soul in his hour of need. He appreciates more than you can know, the kindness you have shown him. There, but for the Grace of God, go all of you. It is Dave today, but it could be you, tomorrow. There are thousands of people who are unlawfully imprisoned in America. It is not a safe place to be. Mr Trump must clean up the judicial system, because it stinks. Stand together, for you have suffered enough. Take back your power. The Earth is YOURS. Restore it, so that it can flourish once more. This is your task. You chose to do this.

My dear, last week was a period of major stress. You had so much to cope with. Things are moving fast, so you must stay one step ahead at all times. The Cabal is up to its usual tricks. They are desperate to survive.

You and Dave have work to do. Remember that you are almost 81 years old, so do not push yourself too hard. You cannot do it all by yourself. I ring my bell to let you know that I am with you.

Please take care. You are precious to me.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


Please ensure that Dave McCann gets justice. Let’s show the corrupt justice system in America that we are watching them. We can do this by sending cards or letters to Dave. The authorities in the jail read all correspondence, they take note of everything. Dave is one of us, and we are supporting him. We can ensure that the absolute truth about the set-up to trap him will be exposed. If he was not important to humanity, the Cabal would not have bothered to go to such lengths to lock him up.

Dave McCann,
MJ 03 A Pod 11,
Booking Number 1621184,
Prisoner ID 7076771,
P.O. Box 872,
Fresno, California, 93712, USA.

I have Dave’s permission to ask you to help him. He is deeply grateful to you for reaching out to him. He is trapped in America without friends or family, no visitors at all.

Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

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