A Small Comprehensive on Bashar

This was an old piece sitting on the shelf for some time.  I’ll let the images and videos speak for themselves.  If you’ve never been exposed to Bashar, you’ll either draw a strange expression on your face, or nod your head in agreement.  I have done both.  The message Darryl channels resonates well.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.

Be well, everyone.



Inteview with Darry Anka, talking about Bashar

(This provides some background about Bashar, the Essessani race, and the lessons presented for Humanity to learn along its journey.)

Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld

In this interview, Bashar answers a range of questions.  See notes below video.



Whoops. =)


Bashar is a being of extraterrestrial origin, a friend from the future who has spoken for the past 30 years through channel, Darryl Anka, bringing through a wave of new information that clearly explains in detail how the universe works and how each person creates the reality they experience.

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Message From Montague Keen, Dec 17, 2017 – “Life on Earth as you would wish it to be, will begin.”

If you haven’t read Montague Keen before, his messages are channeled by his wife Veronica. Montague can be a bit of a fire-brand at the time, but his message is direct and he makes no bones about what needs to be acknowledged and addressed. There isn’t a lot as far as topic background, but if you do decide to read up on the topic areas he speaks of, you’ll be able to follow the message.

That said, continue to do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.  The awakening is now.

Be well, everyone.



Message from Montague, December 17, 2017

What a joy it was for you, last evening, to hear the lady in Canada confirm everything that I have been telling you about Ireland since my passing. She has put it all in writing. She will release it in the next few days. It will expose the Vatican’s exploits and their plans. Every human on Earth has been a victim of Vatican control, irrespective of religious belief or nationality. Life on Earth was never intended to be a struggle to survive. The Jesuits and Zionists have thrived on your suffering. They have overseen the production of GM foods. Monsanta is theirs. Water, air, and everything that humanity needs to survive, has been tampered with. All the drug companies are owned by them. I can assure you that their drugs are not designed to cure, only to slowly kill you.

Once you consciously withdraw from their control system, please do the Revocations, and take back control of your life. Then you will feel the freedom this will bring to your life. Freedom to be who you are, to explore who you are, and what your role is in this incarnation. Be assured that each and every one of you has a role to play, no matter what it might be. You are all part of the whole. This is one of the reasons why all the divisions were inflicted upon you: religion, race, nationality, etc. Divide and conquer is a Jesuit aim. It has worked well for them UNTIL NOW.

When all the evidence of their evil control is presented to the world, next week, they will be exposed. Humanity will see them for the parasites that they are, living off the suffering of the poor. Your fake reality is being exposed. The perpetrators will have nowhere to hide.

For many years, they feared that you might learn the truth and turn against them. Do not worry about them. They have secured safe places to run to. They are responsible for making life on Earth a struggle for survival. They even managed to block the health-giving rays of the sun from entering the Earth’s atmosphere to give its warm healing energy to humanity. They have no respect for human life. They want rid of you. They want the Earth for themselves. Then, they will be free to live life as they wish to, without having to hide their scaly bodies from you.

There is so much happening just outside of your third dimension. You can raise your dimension by meditation, using the sound HUE. Repeat it over and over again. It will help. It is a sacred sound.

Use this holiday period to come together, not just to share festive food, but also your thoughts and your concerns for the future you wish to create for the human race. Soon the ball will be in your court, so you must be prepared to create a world where love and peace matter more than anything else. The killing machine will no longer be in control, no longer required. The soft killing machine (vaccinations, drug-based medicines, killing with GM food, etc and cancer) will become a distant bad memory. Life on Earth as you would wish it to be, will begin. A new age that, until now, you could only dream about. Talk about it, think about it, and help to bring in its energy. Make it a reality.

All religions have trapped your souls, they use the energy of your soul to destroy you and others. Take back your soul, do the Revocations, if possible, in a sacred place with a group. You will be amazed at the energy this experience will produce. By doing this, you will take back your power. Step out of the religious cage in which you have been trapped. Experience the freedom to live in peace with all of humanity.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Start as you mean to go on. Laugh at the newspapers and TV when they peddle the lies of your controllers. Look with pity at the faces of those who are paid to lie to you. This goes for all governments too. Though some may start out with good intentions, they soon fall into line if they want to stay in power. Sadly, corruption is everywhere. It is time to remove it. Together, you can do it.

My dear, surviving on Earth at this time is not easy for you. We ask that you hold on, in order to complete your work with Dave. He, too, is suffering and needs help. The whole control system is fighting for its very existence. This is why it is attacking everyone who gets in its way. They will not last much longer.

The love we shared in life goes on, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

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Lee Harris Energy Update, January 2018

In this update, Lee advises that now is the time where we can broach emotional issues that may have been unaddressed in the past, either because we did not feel we could broach the matter with someone, or the person we broached it with shunned or poo-pooed us.  If we bring it up now, the naysayer is likely to be more receptive.

In this capacity that we have to take the lead in these discussions, we serve as an example for others and need to take ownership of being that leader for others to emulate, and for others to recognize that it’s okay to talk about feelings felt deep.

It is now that things deeply buried will come to the surface and be addressed.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.

Be well, everyone.


About Lee Harris:

Lee is a gifted energy intuitive, channeler, author, and teacher who is bringing an extraordinary new light to our rapidly-changing world. Leading a vibrant online community, Lee reaches over 100,000 people around the planet every month. His weekly Energy Updates, broadcast on YouTube, have received over 2.5 million views to date and offer practical guidance for navigating daily life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism.

With his penetrating insights into the energetics of emotions, and his teachings on how to integrate spirituality into daily life in grounded and practical ways, Lee’s private clients and retreat participants report profound shifts as they discover a new understanding of who they are here to be.

His acclaimed Energy Mastery retreats and Energy Tune-Up seminars, held around the globe, are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving, and awakening.

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John Rappoport: “UFO Disclosure: the insider game of “reliable sources”

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth (and question the motives of your source.)


by Jon Rappoport

January 2, 2018

(UFO archive, here)

In the current wave of UFO disclosures, the press (in particular, the New York Times) has decided to use Luis Elizondo, a career intelligence case officer, as its main source.

This choice reveals a time-honored strategy of elite news operations: cherry-pick who is reliable and who isn’t.

Of course, the press presents its case as flowing FROM the source. But that’s not true, because reporters and editors could have used other “reliable sources” to tell a different, or even contradictory, story.

Everything depends on who, at the moment, is pumped up and ushered on to center stage, and tagged as “reliable.”

I’m not saying Mr. Elizondo is telling lies from wall to wall. But, for example, where was the Times when reports began to emerge of UFOs appearing at a missile base in Montana (1967) and shutting down launch-capability? There were a number of professional military observers at the time. They could have been deemed “reliable sources,” but they weren’t. For decades, this event has been suppressed or downplayed by the mainstream press.

“Well, we did look into it, but we concluded there just wasn’t enough there. We didn’t go with the piece because the confirmation was thin.” That’s a frequent excuse. Often, it doesn’t hold water. It reflects an arbitrary decision to ignore a valid account.

This is how the game is played.

“Reliable source” can be managed, on a case by case basis.

“Let’s see. We can imply the steep rise in autism is the result of more careful monitoring of cases, or a genetic problem, or the rapid expansion of the CDC vaccination schedule. Let’s do a piece on genetics. Who can we tap for comments? Round up the usual list of expert sources and get quotes. ‘New research suggests a stronger link to genes than previously supposed.’ That’ll work…”

When I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century, in 1987, I decided to look into the widely promoted notion that HIV had spread to humans, in Africa, through contact with green monkeys. When the US press wants to promote a “new disease,” they inevitably go to far-off places around the globe for their “origin story.” The last time I looked, no new epidemic has ever begun in Brooklyn. I called a prominent AIDS researcher at Harvard. Without pause, he told me the green monkey theory had no evidence to support it. Well, obviously, the press hadn’t used him as a “reliable source.” They might use him to comment on other matters, but not this one—because “green monkey” was the preferred scenario for the moment.

On the UFO front, the Times could have jumped with both feet into Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project years ago (twitter). Greer had scores of military and intelligence officers who were testifying to all sorts of UFO contact. But back then, the story was verboten. So the sources were ignored.

Sometimes, the graduation from nonsense-story to breaking news isn’t the decision of a major press outlet. The newspaper or broadcast network takes its cue from a “higher authority.” The CIA or the Pentagon, for example. Or from an anonymous heavy hitter who will never be revealed. Depending on the topic of the story, the heavy hitter could exist within the core of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Vatican, the upper reaches of the “banking community” (a Rothschild front man), etc.

This is the “green light” phenomenon. What was once a studiously ignored piece suddenly turns into an imperative to publish. The chosen news outlets jump into action.

The green light can also click through indirect means. Consider the name, Jim Semivan. He is on Tom DeLonge’s team at the newly formed To the Stars Academy, the group which includes Mr. Elizondo, mentioned above. Here is a thumbnail bio of Mr. Semivan from Simon & Schuster publishers: “Jim retired in 2007 after a 25-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. At the time of his retirement he was a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service. Jim served multiple overseas and domestic tours along with senior management positions in CIA headquarters. He is the recipient of the Agency’s Career Intelligence Medal.”

Semivan’s emergence in UFO disclosure activities would alert the New York Times that it should pay attention to any information coming out of To the Stars Academy. Semivan is more than a witness or a researcher. He’s a high-level man connected to the intelligence community. If he backs up a story, it’s “official.”

I’ll give you a name: Richard Dolan. Dolan is the author of books on UFOs, and he is a publisher in the same field. A highly intelligent observer, when he makes inferences from data he explains his reasons. He possesses a formidable knowledge of UFO incidents over the course of decades. Major media outlets could go to him as a direct source for articles, or as a guide who could point them to credible stories. But that doesn’t happen.

Why? Because Mr. Dolan could unleash “too much information.” He could open up too many cans of worms. And he doesn’t have an official position in government or corporate circles.

He is reliable, but not in the media sense of the word. He could give, say, the reporters at the New York Times far more help than their editors could—but that doesn’t matter.

What matters to the Times and other mainstream outlets is the agenda of the moment. And who will bolster that agenda.

Why isn’t long-time UFO researcher Grant Cameron writing op-ed pieces for the Times? He has a very interesting take on how various UFO spokespeople have been used by the military-intelligence complex. Alas, Cameron makes too much sense. He goes too deep. So instead, a Times reporter writes a human-interest story about his father. The father was a veteran UFO watcher, who sadly died before the US government “admitted UFOs exist,” a couple of weeks ago.

At any time over the past 40 years, the Times could have assigned a couple of reporters the job of assembling a history of bullet-proof UFO-encounter stories. For a major article. An article that would have settled the issue once and for all: UFOs, whatever they are, exist, and they exhibit extraordinary capabilities.

But “it wasn’t time.”

Now, it is.

The green light is on. But it is only glowing for certain people, and for chosen news companies.

The Reliable Ones.

Therefore, when the Times, or a comparable media operation, discloses UFO revelations, the stories—accurate or not—reflect a purpose that is hidden.

That purpose is never the unvarnished and complete truth.

Over the past 35 years, working as a reporter, I’ve spoken off-the-record with a number of mainstream journalists. They readily admit to making “partial disclosures,” otherwise known as limited hangouts. They explain this as “sticking to the facts at hand.” But that’s not true. They also admit their editors keep them from digging deeper on a story.

Digging deeper would, of course, expose unpleasant scandals the public shouldn’t be aware of. And in the process, people who are deemed unreliable sources would be vindicated. If THAT happened, the whole proprietary media egg would crack.

The public would understand, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that big media cherry-pick their sources, and mainstream news is a stage play.

An acid test: If the New York Times gave the first five pages of their paper to a few independent UFO reporters for a week, those reporters could write a slew of hard-hitting factual pieces that would shake the foundations of knowledge about UFOs. Sales of the paper would skyrocket, and names like Luis Elizondo and Jim Semivan would fade far into the background. The public would realize that verified sightings of UFOs go back at least 50 years. And that would be just the beginning of actual Disclosure.

“Reliable source” is a pliable term. In the media landscape, it implies that editors and publishers are in charge of defining it, at any given moment, to suit their agenda.

If tomorrow, for example, the Times decided that the famous Lockheed Skunkworks, located in the desert (Palmdale, California), was their primary target, as in—what have they been building out there for years?—a whole new raft of reliable sources would come into play overnight. Setting their hounds loose, with no restrictive deadline, the Times might experience what it’s like to operate as an actual news outlet.

They would eventually penetrate many cover stories. What would they discover?

The former director of the elite Skunkworks, Ben Rich, before his death, is reported to have said (UCLA School of Engineering speech, March 23, 1993): “We now know how to travel to the stars…There are many in the intelligence community who would like to see this stay in the black and not see the light of day.”

Now there’s a potential source—an insider’s insider. Did Ben Rich say that? Is it true? If it’s true, how did Lockheed develop/obtain the technology?

Why not pursue that lead and run it down?

“Well, we don’t like to rely on dead sources, especially when they make bizarre claims.”

Who says the claim is bizarre? The CIA? The Pentagon? Lockheed?

They’re automatically listed as reliable?

Is “hard to believe, hard to fathom” an unimpeachable standard for barring investigations without further thought?

Wasn’t, for instance, the whole CIA MKULTRA mind control program bizarre and hard to believe, before it was exposed?

Thousands of events and programs are impossible, before they turn out to have happened.

The idea that the New York Times, the number one media outlet in the world, isn’t devoted to the truth—that idea would be very hard for many people to believe; until it’s shown to be factual.

“Hi, I’m major media. I depend on reliable sources. I decide who is reliable and who isn’t, on any given day of the week. I use these sources to construct and shape Reality for the masses. That’s my job. I spend gargantuan amounts of money in this effort. After all, inventing Reality is an awesome mandate. You can’t fool around with that. You must be convincing. If I tried and failed, the consequences would be devastating. A few billion people would see holes in Reality Itself. This is not permitted to happen.”

Ah, but it is happening. Deepest apologies.

The Reality Manufacturing Company is at DEFCON 1, red lights are blinking, and systems are going down.

via UFO Disclosure: the insider game of “reliable sources”

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Brian’s Words: Observations on High-Level Indictments and “Alien” Disclosure

Just a few words.  I share an observation on the developing story lines of “alien” disclosure and high-level indictments of members of the “elite” and how it fits into a bigger story line.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.


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An Important Emergency Procedure for these times…

Share with your friends, and in severe cases, be sure to treat with frequent, tiny doses or red pills. 🙂

Kauilapele's Blog

Use as necessary…

Thanks to Jordan for this one…

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Message From Montague Keen – Dec 10, 2017 – “The hidden can no longer be kept hidden from you.”

If you haven’t read Montague Keen before, his messages are channeled by his wife Veronica. Montague can be a bit of a fire-brand at the time, but his message is direct and he makes no bones about what needs to be acknowledged and addressed. There isn’t a lot as far as topic background, but if you do decide to read up on the topic areas he speaks of, you’ll be able to follow the message.

That said, continue to do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.  The awakening is happening.



Message from Montague, Dec 10, 2017

Message from Veronica

I have been extremely ill for the past few weeks. It is an attack on me, as there is no medical explanation for what is happening. I am told by many sources that it is coming from the Jesuits. I got Monty’s message on the 10 December but I was reluctant to release it. Yesterday, however, Monty directed me to do so.

Catholic Confidential | Deplorable Jesuit Secrets Revealed! YouTube

I was shocked and upset. It even states how Queen Victoria enabled the Jesuits to carry out the SECOND IRISH MASSACRE (1845-1850). This opened my eyes to so much more. I have to release Monty’s message. Please pray for me.


Message from Montague

The hidden can no longer be kept hidden from you. I know that the exposure of the truth will cause confusion and distress to many people. The truth must be faced so that humanity can move forward into the light. I am aware that it will be hard for many of you to accept the fact that the Annunaki still rule and control humanity. You only have to read the Jesuit Oath of Office to see clearly how they have controlled humanity.

“You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.”

All wars were instigated by them. Read their history, the Inquisition, the crusades; it’s all there for those of you who want your world to emerge from the darkness in which you merely exist. Everything the Vatican/Jesuit stands for is based on lies: absolutely everything. They have protected their lies, enforced their lies, while they practiced paedophilia without a hint of suspicion falling upon them. My dear wife was invited to drink blood at the Vatican if she gave up working with me.

There are those on the Earth whose mission in life is to rescue humanity. Veronica is being attacked by the Vatican. You would be amazed if you had any idea about the weapons that they use against anyone who dares to question their plans. The Pope has now admitted that the Jesus they preach about NEVER EXISTED. I have been telling you this since I died 13 years ago. This lie was invented at the Council of Nicea and has been used to control the masses ever since.

It is of the greatest importance that you do the REVOCATIONS to take back your power from the Vatican. Without your consent, they lose their power. All those at the Vatican live in luxury, on money demanded from the poor of the world.

The Vatican controls world banking. How many of you understand that fact? They thrive on poverty, as the energy of your suffering sustains them. The Jesuits organised and implemented the HOLOCAUST in IRELAND, from 1845-1852. They ensured that ships loaded with crops produced by Irish farmers were sent to England. Jesuits who were in Ireland at that time, enforcing the Holocaust, came forward after their deaths to ask forgiveness of the people of Ireland for their great crime against them. Sadly, to this day, the Jesuits continue to operate their evil control on the Irish. They ensure that through FLUORIDE in the water supply and mind control in the schools, they keep control. Should the Irish ever wake up to who they are, the Vatican’s plan to destroy humanity would stop instantly.

As you approach Christmas, you are encouraged to celebrate something that never happened. Your world bought into this Jesuit/Zionist lie. You never questioned it. Do your research. Read the work of Michael Tsarion. Ireland was the Holy Land until the Council of Nicea, when the Roman Church changed the names of places in the east (what is now known as Palestine) to fit its story. Rome then had to destroy Ireland, to fit the new story. At the time, the Irish were known as the Wise Ones, who educated many parts of the world. Ancient Irish holy men were known as HEBREWS. You will find evidence in Egypt to confirm this. You can travel to most parts of the world through the underground passages under the Hill of Tara. You can take a tunnel to what is now called Iraq.

All this information was hidden from you. This is your time to wake up and refuse to accept the lies of the past 2000 years. The energy is lifting, so more and more of you will see and understand what was done to humanity. This month of December will reveal more that will be hard for many of you to digest. You bought into a lie that was forced on you. When you release yourselves from the bondage of this lie, you will know freedom. You will take back your divine right to experience life on Earth without the Vatican controlling every aspect of your existence. The Supreme Being will welcome you with open arms. On this side of life, all is love. There is no hell; it was an idea invented by the Vatican.

Reach out to each other. You are all in the same boat, so help each other to recover from the shock of awakening to the truth. Step into a future that will surpass your wildest dreams. A future without war, poverty, hunger, homelessness; a future where peace and harmony for all will be the norm. The future is in your hands. Handle it with love and care. Please pray also for Dave McCann. He has work to do for humanity. You need him.

My dear, it has taken sheer willpower to survive the last three weeks. The Vatican attacks on you are vicious. Your body struggles to survive so that you can complete your work.

They still do their utmost to hold on to Dave McCann, a totally innocent young man, caught in their evil trap. My dear, you know what must be done, will be done.

My love is with you always. Your adoring, Monty.


Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

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