This Time is Different – Thoughts From The Frontline –

My skinny: After reading Mr. Mauldin’s take this week on Greece and reading “This Time its Different” by Carmen Reinhart ande Kenneth Rogoff (I plan on reading it myself now,) the assessment is that either the Greeks take the pain of their sovereign national political situation, or the crisis of confidence takes over. In my opinion, the reckoning is here (and I’m guessing that it has been here much longer.) Once the crisis of confidence starts, I think that all the fiat currencies of sovereign nations overloaded with debt will eventually tumble. It could possibly also take down the healthier ones. It could be the glacier-sized movement that presses humanity to have currencies pegged to something of value, my guess at this point being gold.

Heavy, but through this, I saw a potential path and realize how narrow a line the sovereigns walks. One small collective change of mind, and “poof.” Aww, shit. (This will probably be the only time you’ll see an expletive from me here, for which, I will not apologize. It IS what fits the thought =) )

This Time is Different – Thoughts From The Frontline – | Financial Intelligence, Advice & Research / Investment Strategies & Planning for Individual Investors.

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