A Summation

Of the events of our recent time, much can be said. There are many facets, many faces and even more possible outcomes, of which I can say thus: we live in a time where there currently many large, wide-scale factors, I will label them, which possess absolute potential to create a depression (both psychological and materially) by opening doors that allow deflationary forces now in place to gather strength and take hold.

To deny they exist is dangerous and fighting it is inevitably counter-productive. To accept it and embrace it fully and let it run its course would be an exercise in self- and collective accountability on a scale not seen in generations as the excessivness of debt accumulation, investment speculation and overconfidence of our abilities to manage and prudently limit exposure to risk unravel. In this process, we will learn lessons that will benefit us as well as restructure our daily lives and economic activities to our future benefit- and if we don;t the misery of the present would persist until we got it right or at least mostly right.

We are now living through a balancing act of trying to minimize the pain, while the deflationary forces in motion play out. The longer we delay embracing the consequences of our personal and collective decisions over the past decades, the longer the process will play out and the greater the potential for a damn-busting sequence of events beyond our control. My summation is that it is going to be, from the distant perspective of humanity as a whole, a pretty shitty decade (or perhaps longer) regardless.

My advice is to learn what the possible pitfalls are. Learn and know how they can affect the different areas and sectors of economic activity. It will pay off to err on the side of caution (with moments of daring when the opportunity presents itself) versus being too brash. At the worst, you will profit and prosper less than the daring, but at best, you won’t face ruin when gambles fall short.

I think that about sums it up. Enjoy the ride, seek happiness in your choices and may you prosper and grow (especially during this epochal episode.)


About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler, crypto evangelist, urban agriculturalist and enjoyer of soccer. It's time for humanity to mature to its adulthood. I share things I enjoy and that I feel are worth knowing. Follow along at tinycryptoblog.wordpress.com, epochblog.wordpress.com & grennpitchfarmsblog.wordpress.com Be well, everyone.
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