Kim Hutchinson @ – Ascension Symptoms, Spring 2016 – 4-7-16

Recently had aches? Pains? Have things just looked…different? You’re not going nuts.
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Kim Hutchinson @ – Ascension Symptoms, Spring 2016 – 4-7-16
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Spring Symptoms


Kim Hutchinson, Ascension Symptoms

Higher Density Blog

Spring Symptoms


Kim Hutchinson @   –   Ascension Symptoms, Spring 2016   –   4-7-16



If you have been feeling less-than-stellar lately but can’t identify the cause, chances are you’ve got ‘ascension flu’. Despite the name, this doesn’t mean that you’re sick. Ascension flu has similar symptoms to the real flu, but the cause is not viral. It means you are experiencing physical sensations in your body due to the shifting frequencies of our planet and our collective consciousness.

Personally, Steve and I found March to be one of the most intense months so far in the ascension process, and many of you on our Clayhut Facebook page agree. Even our dog is suddenly having a hard time climbing stairs. Most days last month I experienced waves of dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, head and ear aches, air pressure changes in my ears, aching joints, stiffness and fatigue. This was definitely…

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