What’s in a Message? – a lesson learned

Today I learned that messages (news, opinions) are very deliberate: if you read a news article leaves you feeling fear, apprehension,  hopelessness or anxiety, it comes from a dark source. (And only a dark source.)

If the message is one of light, it will give you facts & leave you feeling clarity; insight; understanding; hope; comraderie; unity. There is nothing foreboding, antagonistic, danger-filled or fearful about it.

The discernment of such messages is as simple as that.  If you want to reinforce and fill your life with light, seek those messages that feed that.  If you want to keep yourself down, those messages are (still) out there as well.

Be well, Everyone.


About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler. I like sharing. I chronicle in the areas of cryptos, urban agriculture (aheh- gardening,) and deeper truths. Follow along at these blogs: tinycryptoblog.wordpress.com, epochblog.wordpress.com & grennpitchfarmsblog.wordpress.com Rule #1 - Take ownership of your world. If you see something that needs fixing, take action. Even if you're not going to be the one to fix it, contribute something towards it. Rule # 2 - Don't be a dick. Be well, everyone.
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