David Icke on the Lou Collins radio show

A 1-hour interview that covers a range of topics that mainly hinge on what Phantom Self touches on. I’ll add notes below the video.

A lot of the stuff David Icke talks about regarding the nature of existence (“reality”) is spot on. #PhantomSelf

On transhumanism, David goes into great detail, touching on connecting the dots, the quickening pace of totaltarian tiptoe implementation, and provides everyday examples of how the agenda is altering our behavior and our minds.

This overlaps onto the five-senses perspective that we’ve corralled into for so long.

He also talks a little about the 2016 book tour.

An easy, pleasant listen.

I’ll list out the tags to give you an idea of what is touched in some way:



Totaltarian Tiptoe
Chipping with animals- start with it as a voluntary thing, then make it manditory.
Humans are painted into a corner by making it harder to not function without it technology. (involuntary compulsion.)

Political Correctness – having people find things to stay frightened of and turning to an authority figure outside yourself to “fix” things and dictate what is acceptable.


Be well and enjoy.



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