“Follow Your Frequency” The Skyaia Show, ep 79

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough. ” Melody Beaty

This was a very moving episode of the Skaia show, where Simon talks about the missing component to the Law Of Attraction, aka The Secret: acceptance.  You need to have acceptance in order to allow abundance to manifest.




“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.”

Inner peace is always the goal.
The Frequency of life = gratitude and receptivity

[personal observations] The toughest part of this equation is receptivity. I can attest to that from personal experience. We have been in a species-level mindset that runs completely counter to receptivity and the acceptance, belief and understanding of abundance.


“Entrainment is more powerful than attraction.”


“To manifest your rewards is to shift from a state of focus to a state of allowance.”

[personal observations]  “Focus” is to create a point of specificity, which has boundaries and by extention, limitation. Allowance conforms with the infinite nature of the universe, where all is possible at all times. It ALLOWS for the infinite potential to become.


Overall, it was a very informative and moving episode.


About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler. I like sharing. I chronicle in the areas of cryptos, urban agriculture (aheh- gardening,) and deeper truths. Follow along at these blogs: tinycryptoblog.wordpress.com, epochblog.wordpress.com & grennpitchfarmsblog.wordpress.com Rule #1 - Take ownership of your world. If you see something that needs fixing, take action. Even if you're not going to be the one to fix it, contribute something towards it. Rule # 2 - Don't be a dick. Be well, everyone.
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