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Michael Tsarion – Forces of Evil

In this interview, Michael draws ties to the ancient Egyptians, Gaelic peoples, Siberans and Essenes to the roots of Christianity.  He paints an interesting map and timeline.  A good listen. Enjoy, and be well, Everyone. For more posts with Michael … Continue reading

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New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA Why is the government so maniacal about injecting vaccines? by Jon Rappoport May 17, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The… Source: New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

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My Wishes for Our New World

“Spare a moment for a few words, gov’ner?” aka- probably my best words yet. Continue reading

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David Icke – The Masquerade

Sometimes David makes too much sense. No notes.  I’ll leave you, the viewer, to watch this and add your own notes. =)

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“A Quantum Moment: A Mega Shift In An Instant. Skyaia Show #78”

“The power of thought is your foundation.” “The energy of our thoughts determines our experience in the present. Take control of our thoughts and become a master of our reality.” Simon talks about having a “quantum moment,” which I took … Continue reading

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“Pleiadian Talk – In5D’s Gregg Prescott hosted by Rocken Larry Locken”

“You look at it differently when it comes from the heart.  Everything that happens in the world is completely different when it come from the heart.  Stay in the heart as much as you can, and everything will be okay.” … Continue reading

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Interview, Max Igan on FreemanTV

I’m putting my notes in ftont this time. Austrailia getting shoved into the rabbit hole; Perth is gone batshit- It’s been turned into the model of the global corporate town- heavy corporate presence, surveilance cameras everywhere, doing everything-digital dance (aka … Continue reading

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