Interview, Max Igan on FreemanTV

I’m putting my notes in ftont this time.

Austrailia getting shoved into the rabbit hole; Perth is gone batshit- It’s been turned into the model of the global corporate town- heavy corporate presence, surveilance cameras everywhere, doing everything-digital dance (aka smartphone city,) random drug tests, peopleless retail interactions (no bank tellers, self-checkout everywhere.)

If a person throws a rock at a tank in Israel, they get 10 to 15 years in prison and their house gets bulldozed. How crazy.

Max touches on the presidential campaign.
“Trump in office would be akin to [being like] Spinal Tap.”

A great breakdown of the history of Kazarians (Kazarian jews,) which gives a basis to the term “Kazarian mafia.” (There is a lot to do with control of natural resources and shipping lanes.)


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