Dianne Robbins @ Georgi Stankov – A Message From the Whales – 6-7-16


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Dianne Robbins, June 7, 2016



Yesterday I published the beautiful video created by Moni from Norway with the whales as the mystical embodiment of ascended masters. These magnificent animals are the incarnation of Syrian ascended masters that have decided to come to this earth in its darkest period to keep the balance of light and help humanity come out of its perennial darkness. Instead of being thankful to these akin souls, humans know no better but kill the whales – for nothing. For oil! Not even for nourishment.

And today Dianne Robbins sent us her latest message channelled by the whales about their relationship to human souls. Obviously now earth ascends with all her kingdoms and this means the redemption of all karmic relationships between these kingdoms as humanity has committed innumerous crimes on all of them – on animals with collective and individual souls, on plants…

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