There’s Something About Saturn

I feel I’ve been led to learn about Saturn, and what I’ve read is pretty eye-raising.

I just started reading David Icke, Wembley 2012 (which is a great presentation in its own right, btw.)  As I was going through episode one, I had the tickle to go and watch “Symbols of an Alien Sky,” which I had watched in part last year.  This time though, the full extent of the symbology and the implications truly sunk in.

It was within a day of rewatching part 1 with a critical eye that I came across the segment of Icke that covered Saturn. I’ll share it here:


Now add to this the following from Symbols:


Youtube Screenshots


My view at this point in time, based on this information, is that frequency transmissions eminating from Saturn are being used by entities in the service of the archons for the purpose of trying to subjugate humanity using frequencies that operate with the purpose of interfering with the naturally occuring frequencies that regulate matter and that sentient beings on Earth use to stay connected to Source.

This further leads me to the understanding that sentient beings on Earth were bred for the purposes of labor, and as we are discovering, for the purposes of energetic sustainance for a species disconnected from source to continue to exist.

That said, my open question now is if the galactic origins of the archons. Is it a manifestation similar to the creation of an existence with duality? Where there beings that said “What would it be like to be a species seperated from Source?” and *poof* they became? It could be. Such an expression would be just that in the greater sense of Source- an expression for Source to understand itself within the context if Duality.


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  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    “for the purposes of energetic sustainance for a species disconnected from source” is one way to say that. Interesting.


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