Words of jsnip- Lindsey Williams update, via Youtube

I follow the videos of jsnip4 (of Realist News) on YouTube, and he posts commentary on the DVDs put out by Lindsey Williams (whom I’m barely familiar with, but who appearantly knows some people that are “insiders” to the upper echelons of power in the world, whom you could also label “the elite” or “the cabal.”

I like hearing this news, because it adds something to the story line thread of the Global Elite and what may or may not be happening there (again, nothing is solid until it happens.)  This one got interesting beginning at the 13:17 point.  There is mention of “divine intervention” preventing a market collapse (and all that accompanies it) in 2015 (recall all the chatter on the debt jubilee, 7-year cycle and shemita.  Well, that didn’t happen.)


Could “divine intervention” be other non-human species of the space alliance Corey Goode and COBRA talk about?  Will disclosure reveal this?  Is it the intervention of higher-dimensional beings?  I don’t know, but this just adds another puzzle piece to a very large box of pieces.

Quite honestly, I find this to be an interesting story unfolding here.


Be well, Enjoy.




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