August Webbot Report – Bullet Point Summary

You can purchase them for $15 at  Worth the money, in my opinion.  For those of you that don’t or just want the cliff notes summary, here are the highligh points:

  • Shifts in wind patterns
  • The ocean levels going “down” due the effects of the expanding Earth
  • Disclosure of re-engineering of copper (electrics implications)
  • Talk around “hyperinflation” for countries linked to the petrodollar
  • Many safety nets disappear and those affected (students, pensioners, labor unions) unite
  • Deflation. Lots of it.
  • Destabilization in many areas. See “deflation” above.
  • “Debt delinda est”
  • Make note of Italian debt problems
  • NATO breakup/break down talk
  • Issues with Vatican finance
  • Sink holes in Northern Africa
  • The Austrailian housing market [finally] declining
  • Canadian Dollar as a 2-month lead indicator of the US Dollar
  • Pre-Deluge or non-terrestrian mummy discovered
  • Buy bitcoin
  • Real Estate bubbles in USA markets are popping, beginning with high-end real estate
  • Chinese, foreign buyers are no longer buyers and now becoming sellers
  • Miami and Florida are vulnerable to repeat a 2008-style downturn
  • National lenders are vulnerable and will shut down operations.
  • Insurance companies being hurt by negative interest rates and some will close “overnight”
  • Gold-buying memes have potential to “take off” in Texas
  • The same energy has potential to fuel “Republic of Texas” talk
  • Old storylines of government activity will be re-examined (ex. Oklahoma City bombing)
  • Sedona?
  • Regional power outages in 2016
  • Random, select shortages of comsumer goods (incl. grocery,) due to the credit freeze delaying/preventing items from shipping or being produced/delivered
  • Attemted government “confiscation” of retirement accounts (re-investing funds into things more “safe”)
  • Silver price spikes.  Big Ones.
  • East Coast surprise in September with an energy grid shutdown?
  • hyperinflation chatter
  • Automobile industries in slowdown, car dealerships to close, the properties to become re-purposed
  • TBTF fails (among 20 largest banks, globally)
  • crypto currenies take hold for trade, business transactions
  • Silver-to-Bitcoin ratio
  • Irish undersea mining discovery/project?
  • AI software to sniff out areas of concern, ala predicative spider program
  • Disclosure of old decades long experiments by military
  • “Force Field Technology” breakthrough (levitation technology)

Quote: “Bucky Fuller in that just when the ‘system collapses’, we already have ‘invented that which replaces it.’

I think that reading this webbot report sealed the deal for me as far as accepting that, yes, there will be a downturn and it’ll be a doozer, and it’s going to happened to the degree that I was hoping it wouldn’t.  I don’t feel any fear, though.  It’

I’ve fought the idea that we need a downturn for new systems to arise, but I’m concluding that we need a downturn for new systems to arise.

That means the debt-based monetary system & everything it funds is going to come apart.

Own some silver. Get a little gold. Have 2 wks of nec’ cash,food & water. Read alternative news.  Buy Chinese and foreign goods.  And learn how to buy crypto currenies

Plan accordingly.


About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler, crypto evangelist, urban agriculturalist and enjoyer of soccer. It's time for humanity to mature to its adulthood. I share things I enjoy and that I feel are worth knowing. Follow along at, & Be well, everyone.
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