Simon Parkes on Connected Consiousness 7/3/16 – “We are at decision day”

Weekly interview with JayPee on Wolfstrong Radio. If I missed a question asked/topic covered, my apologies.

Are timelines and dimensions connected?
The Hadron Collider has evolved to a partially self-aware AI
wifi interference
why pets don’t lose hair from chemotherapy?
A world without “money”
Why are women and children oppressed?
Using the ionosphere to reflect benevelent thoughts/intentions – HAARP
Is Karma real?
Please explain Glastonbury and pyramids
Sending souls to source
DNA strand activation
The history of the reptilians
Is GcMAF a viable treatment for cancer / illness? #Nagalese


About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler, crypto evangelist, urban agriculturalist and enjoyer of soccer. It's time for humanity to mature to its adulthood. I share things I enjoy and that I feel are worth knowing. Follow along at, & Be well, everyone.
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