Ever Beyond with JP: Win Keech, Simon Parkes, Alex Collier & Tolec – Roundtable

The third installment.

Short notes and touch points:
The first contact of Lyria and the spreading of humanoid life. 630,000,000 Earth years ago.

The Lyrians that “arrived” on Earth 500,000,000 years ago.  Those that survived became part of the Simian lineage, which contributed a metagene that mixed with human genes that expresses itself through Rh-positive people today.

Five cards (of external threats) that will be played by the cabal (to maintain power): 

  1. Russians
  2. Terrorists
  3. 3rd-World cooks
  4. Earth-bound Asteroid
  5. Alien invasion

Low-vibration beings (ie dracos, archons,) will not survive the ascension of Earth into a higher vibrational frequency.

The pitfalls of Awakening amongst mankind.

When the old system goes, people’s entire worldview is going to take a hit.

There is a 4-stage process to our dimensional evolution:

  1. Awareness
  2. Self-empowerment/self-awareness
  3. Recognition of self (within the galaxy)
  4. Gathering of Intention

    By the fact that human DNA carries with it strands from 22 different species, when we ascend, it will affect those species as well (energetically hitching a ride, in effect.)  This makes humanity a true game-changer in the galaxy.

     The origins of RH-Negative (JayPee’s reaction to the realization amused me.)

    In the end, it boils down to just lovinh ourselves.  That heals everything.



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