Webbot Summary Notes – August 2016

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

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In respect to Clif High, I don’t share full context.

If you’ve never read one of Clif’s webbot summaries, it is a report that he compiles based on information that his bots have compiled.  He breaks these down into data sets that he summarizes and includes language specific to the findings.  What I have done is read through the report and included words, phrases and quotes (many strung together out of the same subject matter,) that stood out as being the most relevant to someone who has not read the report.  Take what I present and extrapolate to be key words to key an open for in the world at large.  I’m seeing many continual themes since May when I first began to read the reports (Bitcoin, silver, gold.)


“The world has changed to those humans still asleep.”

Your world changes…

Winds meme…popcorn storms

“There are new earth changes sets that are forecasting a ‘brief’ and way early ‘dip straight into winter’ as ‘snow’ and ‘freezing temperatures’ will be headlines for many places across the northern hemisphere in September.”

Your Global Population changes


“Bear in mind, there is a lot of energy in the dollar, economic, political, and social, as well as personal. It will take a long time for the dollar to die, and as recent was said to an inquisitive billionaire, “even years after the dollar has died here in USAPop, there will still be bucks circulating in FarFlungistan.”

“The next few months are the ‘last hill’ before we settle into a ‘long walk into the dark valley.’”

“ This Depression is described in varying time lengths for different countries, but in general the next 5/five years are going to be a ‘negative growth period’ for all of the global ‘paper debt’ markets.”

“The apparent exception on the paper debt markets is going to be within China and its SE Asia association. The data sets here are referring to Chinese economic growth as a ‘talent magnet’ for the whole planet.”

Sub sea survey + Carribean mummy ship wreck discovery

Cruise ship rescue

Maritime disaster

Troubling food crop woes + southern hemisphere + years + planetary food security

Flying cars

Hydrofoil bug cars

Monetize gold + shock + gold + silver


Housing business + construction + scandal + rental properties


Spratley Islands + energy

Space initiative

Bitcoin + blockchain

E-gold yuan


War for Europe population + increasingly violent + push back


Migrant + invaders

Radicalized migrants + exposure of their hidden behavior + taking videos + social media

Drones + shoot outs

Break up (of the EU)


“The data is indicating that at one point there will be a nearly continuous storm going from Northern Europe all the way across to Siberia.”

Longer term data types + focused population cleansing

“The data sets are showing that Europe is going to appear as though a different reality with armed soldiers encamped across all the cities…”


War between populations + war with government + the ‘war within’

Deutsche Bank + insolvent + role of banks + limits to be imposed on government and banks

“These sets are referring to ‘controllers’ and ‘fiscal technicians’. The rest of the DeutschePop is appearantly not invited to the meeting, however according to the data sets, that is not going to stop the ‘determineed population’ from ‘imposing thoughts/will on the proceedings’. The data sets are describing massive collections of people gathering for this meeting. The media will label it a protest, but here in the ALTA reports the data is describing it as a ‘revolution’, and the ‘congress of affected peoples’. …rather it seems to be an evolution in the ‘politics of the street”

Bavarian hooligans + center of battle + migrants + skirmishes + battle + video + key influencers + PopWar


Weather patter reaches ‘record levels’ + in all categories + floods + muds + low lands

Bollywood + money empire + secrets revealed


The explosion + damage + nothing to suggest a nuclear explosion

Break-up (politically) of Turkey + central authority + self-immolating and self destroying


“Start of the ‘death by starvation’ of the ‘two faces’ of the ‘political system’ here in USAPop.” + attrition + starvation + loss (of) donors + lies + exposed + dollar dying (causes) systemic (fiscal) diseases + ending + supports + political machinery

“The data is forecasting that ‘cities’ (municipalities) will be the ‘proximate causes’ for the ‘failures’ as many ‘contracts’ are going to go ‘into arrears.”

Oil companies (mainly small firms)’ + not able to pay + fail up the chain + dying on the vine + lack of operating cash

End of the petrodollar empire

SleeplePop + quick + rapid + awakening process + pressure on retail gold, silver, bitcoin + preparedness goods

“The data shows that there will be a near constant stream of ‘attacks’ by TPTB on the population by way of ‘lone shooters’ or ‘terrorists’ or the next ‘bad guy’ to be focused upon by the mainstream propaganda press as we go forward.”

Fragility + political-economic system

Massive lay-offs/business crash + late Summer and into Fall +American tech flush + jobs + sudden + breaking of real estate prices + high-end lifestyle + financial hit + “This is showing as being used by ThePowersThatBe to redirect emotional energies into other areas of their choosing.”

Crashing + real estate +social distortion + reactive + “in some areas the prices of high end property is showing as being down over 80% by the end of the year and still no sales.”

Barter for real estate

Real estate + forecasting apps + alert buyers to price changes

“Apps will provide the ‘universal constants’ of bitcoin, gold and silver”

New sets + political chaos-theater + August

Data sets + unknown political chaos scenario + October



Gold and silver

Global bond markets + internal crisis + occur in a single week + first step (into global fiscal collapse) [Lehman-style moment –Me]

Global population + not buying excuses from the minions and politicians

The Big Problem

Run on banks + EuropePop + first + spark + global western brush-fire

Less opportunity + western republics

ChinaPop + new technology + require silver in a way that no other metal will suffice + go parabolic

Western business world + credit freeze + cash crisis

Fast food industry + business dries up + weeks at a time

Reduced cash circulation + lower levels of the consumer society

Large amount of new data + rapid + unexpected + rise in silver prices +shorts + go uncovered [won’t make delivery –Me] + Mid-September 2016

Real estate + gambling + convenience stores + feel the cash drought

Sections of economic activity + die off + slowing circulation of real money

Major market indices reach new all time highs + paper floods the world + gold + silver + racing to reach + DOW

Bitcoin + primary barometer for the financial system

Longer term data sets + arguing + hyperinflation

Long lines + precious metals stores + pawn shops


Technology companies + profound changes in billing, advertising, sales + into late 2020s

Energy shift + next 8/eight years + crash + steel industry + bulk fuel carriers recycled

New metals + anti-fragile + self-healing

Global monetary reset

“The World Has Changed to Those Humans Still Asleep”

Own silver + own gold + own bitcoin


Oceanographic resource survey + make onto the internet + sub sea inhabitants + lighted structures + buildings + active construction

Reactive electronics (technology) + wireless telepathy + reverse engineered (space alien) technology + mysterious and nonsensical movement of US and other major navies around the planet

(Sub sea) rare earth metals

Space alien cruise ship + huge problems + GlobalIslamPop + Catholics

Vatican + negative picture + November of 2016 + dollar dies + corruption becomes exposed + criminal class + rounded up + put on trial

Conclusion: the final staging

[Get yourself set up right away, and prepare for the events to unfold. Nothing more can be done. Go long popcorn and stock up. -Me]

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Chronicler. I share a lot of what I learn. I chronicle in the areas of cryptos, deeper truths, and Human history. Rule #1 - Take ownership of your world. If you see something that needs fixing, take action. Even if you're not going to be the one to fix it, contribute something towards it. Rule # 2 - Don't be a dick. Be well, everyone.
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