Alex Collier: Secret Earth History – Notes and Timeline

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(All years listed are Earth years.  MYA=million years ago)

Beings and “life” appeared in our galaxy millions of years ago

The Founders race (the Baatal) move around moons and planetoids to form solar systems

The 3rd density universe is 21 billion years old.  The Universe of all dimensions is 21 trillion years old

  • 540-200 MYA Races in our galaxy develop space travel.  Trade with other star systems begins.  Alpha Draconins the first race to go off-planet, using moons and planetoids to travel.
  • 245-60 MYA Inter-planetary trade has been going on for 17 million years, primarily Dracos, Orions, and Lyrians.  Colonization is occurring.  Vegetation is being transplanted among other systems.  There are currently 17 wormholes in our galaxy (created by the Founders?)  Multiple cataclysms are occuring on Earth, but each one increases the level of habitability for Humans
  • 65MYA-Present Visits to our solar system increase.  Races are of mixed-origin (oxygen-, hydrogen-based) begin to establish temporary Edens (bio-dome colonies) to conduct various research.
  • 763,132 YA Orions set up a colony in Yerumani, China
  • 701,237 YA Capella (Ursa Major & Minor) set up a colony near Mt. Yokan, Chile
  • 700,655 YA Vegans (Lyrians) set up a colony on the border of Libya/Niger
  • 604,003 YA Caseopeans (insectoid race) set up colony in Algeria
  • 585,133 YA Butess (Nubiru) set up colony in Cairo
  • 87,300 YA Second Casiopean team sets up colony in Perth, Austrailia
  • 83,400 YA Lyrians set up colony in Basque country of Spain (sidenote: the Basque language is an almost pure descendant of Lyrian language)
  • 73,414 YA Third Caseopean colony set up at Mt. Neblina near Venezuela/Brazil border
  • 71,900 YA Lemuria founded as a collective colony among races of Lyria, Syrius A, Pleades, Tegeta, Europa, Ursa Minor, Buttess (Nibiru) in land now under water in Pacific Ocean
  • 57,600 YA Atlantis founded as a collective colony among Pleadians who left Lemuria, Buttess (Nibirians,) Antarians, Hayides, Sagitarians, and Andromedans. Side note: all but Buttess are O2-based races (Buttess are H2-based)
  • 31,017 YA Lemuria destroyed in war
  • 27,604 YA Atlantis destroyed

Races and Information

Cicar/Alpha Draconis

  • Reptoid
  • Oldest known reptilian race in our galaxy
  • The only genetic line of their kind not to have gone extinct
  • 18-25 ft tall, weighing appx. 2,500 lbs.  Skin is black and scaley with leathery bellies, whiskers, multiple tongues, a mating claw, three spinal columns that join at the tail, glands on their hands that secrete hormones for combat and mating, and they lay eggs
  • Females are expected to defeat and kill older leaders in ritual combat
  • The race rules by genetic lineage, monarchy; a caste system
  • They are militarily powerful and the chief enemy of the human races.


“The human race is unusual in having all of its members race derive from one genetic line.”

  • Amber, blue or red skin (the tint was affected by the UV rays of a given star.)
  • Mamillian decent
  • Only human race to have full empathy senses and experience full psyonic abilities, and have experienced quantum probability control
  • Known to provide guidance to planetary systems (sometimes seen as protectors and guides, occasionally worshipped)
  • Prefer ring worlds
  • Considered a retired race, in the Andromedean Council, they are considered an elder race


  • Tough, honorable, courageous fighters
  • Have large ships that resemble worlds (inside environments)
  • True to their word to a fault
  • Are viewed as model galactic citizens
  • Active in exopolitics, via multiple Institutions:
  1. Civilized Warfare
  2. Upliftment (“ascension”)
  3. Migration
  4. Tradition
  • Patient, thoughtful, and instrumental in ending conflicts

Dows (greys)

  • Reticulans.
  • Originally a hydrogen-based species.
  • Militant.
  • Hostile to humans.
  • No empathy.
  • Believe that unworthy species will be eliminated.
  • Dows never kept a treaty.
  • Attributed with three instances of “accidental” race extinctions in last 10,000 years.
  • Under investigation for excessive manipulation of two races, the Earth race being one of them.
  • They were involved in all the Wars of Enforcement [definition a race does something so severe, the war is enacted to enforce punishment; a restriction.  This will happen for Earth.]
  • They do not experience childhood.

Additional Notes:

War of Enforcement a race does something so severe that war is enacted to enforce punishment/restriction.  It has happened for Earth and 21 other systems with issues similar to ours.

The Earth race’s genetic makeup has the DNA markers from 22 different races.

Dolphins and Whales are highly revered species, honored as sentient animals.  They are philosophers and poets.  They have the admiration of many of the ancient races.  Both originated in Cygnus Alpha and come from the systems of Denab, Sadar, Ginea and Albarea.  Dolphin’s language is trinary (human, binary.)  That is why humans do not understand them.

Rules of Interaction

Ritual and tradition in interaction ensures harmonious interaction in the Galactic Commonwealth.

“It is the manner and custom when entering my space that permission be asked.” [Declares a being’s sovereignty and space.]

Introduction and identification of self follows the format of: Name, Title, Solar System, Planet.  Example: “Brian C., Father, Sol System, Terra three”

Three manners of speech:formal, informal, differential

  1. Formal- used in public at all times and when addressing elders of your race.  Additionally, it addresses your partner as worthy of respect
  2. Informal- used when not in public, both (all) parties must ask permission to use
  3. Differential- used in global politics

Of all the systems in the universe,  oxygen-based systems are the most complex and biodiverse (oxygen, hydrogen, methane, ammonia.)  As a comparison, hydrogen-based creatures are larger and slower-moving.

Misc Notes

The Andromedan Council is based on Endar and was established to study the migration and limit contact conflict between O2 amd H2 races.

No race has ever achieved upliftment without assistance.

Physicality exists at all dimensions.

The top markers of an esteemed race are:

  1. Age of the Race
  2. The lineage; genetics
  3. The number and size of the race or the clan or the tribe.

It is being discussed that after the regressive beings are removed from Earth, whether or not to do an across-the-board data dump [The Event? -me] identifying who we are, where we’re from, who the oppressive beings were, and how we’ve been manipulated, then standing back and observing as humanity sorts it all out on its own. This will allow humanity to address the issue: “If we don’t honor ourselves or each other, what will we value?”

“The actions of an individual reflect on the tribe.”

There will be more contactees.  It will depend on the dominant lineage to determine which clan/star system initiates.

Alex Collier is a contactee with a race of Nordic looking humans from the constellation of Andromeda.

He has had a number of contact experiences since his childhood and this developed over the years as he was given more and more information by his Andromedan contacts.

You can download his books free online in PDF format: Defending Sacred Ground: Letters From Andromeda: For more information and current stats, please visit: There is also an option to donate to Alex.


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