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Message from Montague Keen: “Stop Being the Victims”

Source Message From Montague 9/26/2016 There are times in the lives of man when a decision must be made: do you stand for truth and justice, or follow the dictates of the puppets that you are responsible for putting into … Continue reading

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Blast From the Past: the Flash Crash of May 6, 2010

Remember me?   I just happened to catch these screen shots live.  

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Blast From My Past: Spinakker Video- “Vietnam: The Air War”

This is an old video dating back to the late 80’s (we’re talking the VHS days.)  I still remember getting this at the store.   Hard to find online these days. Enjoy.  

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Prince Ea: The People vs the Education System

Prince Ea lays out a lot of good points that give us a gentle shake and make us say, “Yeah…why are we doing things this way?” Good food for thought. If you don’t follow Prince Ea, he has lots of … Continue reading

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Hollow Earth, Atlantis and Origins of Humans, part 2 – Secrets of the Brotherhood

Some really good historical nuggets about esoteric societies, including the Thule Society in early 20th century Germany and how it shaped the ideology of both Nazi and Adoph Hitler.  There are some vagarities interspersed through this, it’s good enough for … Continue reading

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Interpretation of a Dream, 9/23/16

As we begin healing our natural environment, we will be able to see all the harm (and damage) we’ve done to the animal kingdom.  Then, we will see the damage that we have done to ourselves. [I imagine that at … Continue reading

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Hank and Lars channels Dolores Cannon – 9/23/2016

Comment – “everything is taking place simultaneously.” Hmm. Lars’ Youtube channel Hank’s Youtube channel I’ll leave the content for you to check out of yourself. Part I Part II Part III Part IV

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