September WebBot Summary with bonus video

[Better late than never.  Plus we have the benefit of hindsight to add to this.]

Full report available HERE


As a bonus, I’ve included jsnip4’s summary that he does for each webbot report.  He does a sericeable job and got me interested enough to start reading them myself.

The data growth for earthquakes has settled down…disturbing sets for new deep cracks forming…continent-splitting.  “The primary longer term values pointing to a 2017 occurance.  It is noteworthy

The damned-est thing: some of these events I see mentioned either by Simon Parkes or various channeled message.  I’ll make note when that is the case.

that our data still maintains that a large earthquake will traverse North America diagonally from the Northwest Pacific to the Gulf States sometime in the summer of 2017.”  [I’ve heard mention from Tom T. Moore and his messages that there is a large earthquake along the continental Pacific faultlines in 2017.]

“New language is showing up for pockets of harsh winter as an ‘overnight occurance.'” [Weather forecasts thru mainstream media have just been reporting on winter being cold, snowy and harsh.]

Sea floor…cracks…Mediterranean…the powers that be…fear and anxiety

“Yet another cruise ship incident”

“As we go forward into this new ventury and on this new planet, there are going to be new phenomena on that planet.” One example is the lighting similar to the one that killed a large herd of deer.

The expanding Earth continues to manifest with more sink holes across the planet.  Also, as large holes open up, expect many underground secrets [tunnels and cities] to be revealed.

Your Global Population Changes

The actual populations of animals, plants, and insects undergoes a noticeable metamorphisis.  Mutations, new species, new animals, and insects species that cause interactions with plants and minerals making something completely new to this world.

The underwater discovery of a mummy in the Carribean still remains on the map, along with caves and buildings.  There is also mention of “ancient energy”[ties to Atlantis???]  Raised odds into Spring 2017.

Nations begin defecting from the Dollar regime [going over to the AIIB, I would assume] leads to US-centric trade agreements falling apart.  Companies laden with debt struggle under this dollar squeeze.  Derivatives take a hit, too.

“…it is worth noting that a broad brush view of these next few years of GlobalPop show it as a heaving mass of change as the older financial world reall implodes in the sense of collapsing inward.  In other parts of the data from GlobalPop are showing a ‘growing into’ a ‘vacuum’ created by the gailing old paper debt slave system.  These sets are indicating that very large social changes will emerge across continents, some very rapidly, changing things from coast to coast in mere weeks, while others will be rolling through the populations over many decades.”

There is talk of a large ship going aground and taking years for it and its contents to be removed.

In the SpaceGoatsFart data sets, secrets may be revealed in a tie-in to the mandela effect.

There is the possibility of a burst of hyperinflation that will create a “dollar consumer spending shock.”

The dollar stagger leads to derivative and interest rate shocks that have the effect of a sudden crashing of Australia, NZ, Canada and Ireland at the forefront.  “Construction projects of all sizes will be abandoned uncompleted as the problems in the money centers cut off funding flow like an axe through a fire hose.”  [2008 redux.]

The indications are for a financial contagion to develop in late September going into November.  This will have an effect of issues withthe unenployment systems, various social services, and governmental payrolls, carrying on into next year.  This ties in with a banking crisis in Europe.  The seeds of recovery for the fringe nations hit first by the Dollar crisis begin to bear fruit in 2017.  These nations will be partly fueled by new mineral discoveries and partly by “new electrics.”


Expect serial bombings.  Explanation unknown.

The perception of a weak Dollar will drive Chinese consumer behavior regarding dollar-denomonated accounts.

There is a “amazing” and “staggering” battery technology built around new “field manipulation” on the way.

The Chinese population continues to buy gold and silver.

There are data sets to suggest a Bretton Woods-sized action to take place regarding currencies. (IIRC, on Sept. 30th, something is set to take place regarding China and the currency markets [AAIB?])

Rough storms will hit China’s eastern coast to a level the there will disruption from the damage, similar to what hits the Eastern US coastline.

New York and New England?
More of the same. The storms will sweep across the East and, yes, up from the South.
I can assure you, Tom, that this winter will be a memorable one for residents as the storms will be larger due to the change in climate, allowing me and, I should say, the souls that assist me in creating larger storms with storm surges.
What is the probability of that happening?

At over 90% at the present time. Take that to the bank, you can say, Tom.


Hard winter weather hits [Tom T Moore, 9/19/16] as well as economic shocks from the dollar crisis.  A hyperinflation hits as a result of it, creating a turnover in political leadership and a rise of “other items” being used as currency.


New paradigms are arising: silver as money (with a potentoal Chinese connectio) and a new form of non-violent protest (not yet defined.)  These two factors create circumstances leading to a rejection of the prevelent statist rule, and a certain prosperity to the region that draws attention from nearby neighbors.


Mention of strange water placement due to Earth expansion.  There is also mention regarding commercial interest in space.  [I came across a mention of South Africa having a space port in one of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT books.]  Economically, because of precious metals, SA is among the first countries to rebound from the derivatives-led depression.  Ties become closed to India and China.


An increase in a European expat population due economic pressures in their home countries.  Volcanic activity increases, including land shifts, leading to changes in topography and large areas of land depression that fill in with water.

Political upheaval is afoot here as well.  Brazil sees “chaos” while its neighbors remain more stable.  All instances have economic tie-ins.  Corruption in Brazil takes a whack.

Changes to the coastal topography precipitate a gold rush of sorts by smaller-scale enterprises.  (The change in political climate is not very welcoming for large-scale corporations.)


Business sales decline as the consumer gets hit in the wallet.  Restaurants see a decline in seats filled, and pre-sales of all kinds decrease (tickets, homes, airline flights) to the degree that leisure-time decisions become more and more focused on the now or immediate future (ex: you don’t cement plans for a trip or adventure as far into the future as you used to, ie 6+ months.)

Hyperinflation of the currency eats away at spending power.

The decrease in spending leads to many small businesses shutting down (2008-09 redux,) especially for restaurants and high-end businesses.  There will be a rise in “collective kitchens” aka social restaurants that allow for communal eating affordability while facilitation the want for social interaction.  This may also manifest in the form of local “festivals.”

The economic issues turn into political ones.  The breakdown of the many “systems” that people rely on will fuel their animosity.

As the situation continues, mini-bank runs will result.

Flooding will continue and will be wide-spread.  The storms could reach epic as far as height into the sky.

More sinkholes, and more volcano isdues for Hawaii and the West Coast.

As the financial system unwinds, real estate takes an epic hit [2008 redux.]  Funding dries up, projects stop mif-construction.  Many businesses will have to cope.  The uncertainty ripples through all aspects of life, fromholiday sales, to schools, to voting.

Price downgrades to capture offers reaches such an intensity that price change notifications reach a level of becoming national jokes.

Rage against the banks will flare up [rightfully so.]

School funding will get hit as a result of reduced tax rolls (dropping real estate valuations rippling into property tax receipts.)

Home sales statistucs go further into disarray when new hones sales cease to be reported.  This may be remidied by feeding fake/fabricated statistics by governmental entities.

Bitcoin activity will be on the uptick in South East and Central North, with more and more businesses using it for everyday transactions.


Mention of an “October Surprise.”

Two market hits: one beginning in the third week of September and a bigger one in March of 2017.[On Friday the 23rd, the major indices were down 2.5%, which broke a trend of no declines of more 1% since June/July, and it broke through the 50-day moving average.  Not quite a crash, but it is in line wth a downward movement.  Plus, add in that Deutche Bank has been falling apart further and further at this time. -9/28/16 -BC]

“There are a very large number of separate sets that are all seeming to manifest in laste September through October and into November about to mid month.  Many of these are older, and larger sets that have been reported on for a number of years in some cases.”

The liquidity shock and subsequent credit freezes will have a rippling effect into the food industry, closing down factory farms due to a lack of funding for continuing operations.

Gold will be in high demand.

“Years ago, when this work was just beginning, in those first few early runs that were almost completely filled with long term data, there was a persistent set that showed that the Federal Reserve was going to be labeled as ‘irrelevant to the USA economy’ in ‘November’.  Remember, this was in 1997 through 2001 that this set was continually growing, and at a pace faster than any other in the very much smaller modelspace of those years.  Of course, the problem was, we had no idea what year was being referenced.  there were a number of reason to think that 2001 was that year, especially as it was our firest big forecasting success in that a brief description of the events we call 911 were released in July of 2001.

“Well, now it appears that 2016 is the year that we have the ‘irrelevant Fed’ language manifesting.  There are very large growth areas in our modelspace in both the date particulars and the patterns of their accretion that are all going to ‘dumping the dollar.’  Note that the language here is global.  it is in every multibyte language that we scan.  NOT a good sign.  The rapid growth of the phrases related to linguistically to ‘dump the dollar’ is shocking.  This rate of growth is so large as to be dominating this set.  Both the rate of growth of the language and the language itself are forecasting a very sudden change in the ‘state of the dollar’, at least in terms of who will take it and who will no longer…”

The collapse of the dollar will hit retailers hard, as their built-up inventories will be the “killing blow.”

Bitcoin will be over $1,000.00 by the middle of October.  It will begin to seep into the public mind as being more and more valid as a form of currency.

Debt as an asset will dissappear.  Rapidly.  I translate that into either a massive deflation, massive inflation, or an outright default on debt.

“The world will change as real markets spread throughout the former dollar denominated world.  These changes are so profound wihtin the language emotional sums for duration and intensity (our two biggest categories) that the implication is that we will not recognize 2016 when viewed from as little distance away as 2019!”

Double-digit rates of inflation will appear in late September, leading to hyperinflation [not defined] into October and into November.

[Side note- from several channeled sources to people like jsnip4 Joe, Cobra/David Wilcock, Tom T. Moore, Simon Parkes, and probably a few I can’t recall at this moment, a Global Financial Reset is something that is going to happen, and by my own understanding, will need to happen in some way/shape/form in order to transition from a fiat money economy to an economy of sharing where money is not necessary for living.

There will be a flee from paper fiat currencies to gold, silver and bitcoin.

Currencies that die from hyperinflation (more units of currency needed to pay for something, also seen as “more expensive”) leads to higher numbers on the tax roles, but it doesn’t last since the value becomes further and further worthless.

As the effects of markets roll over into the political arena, a ‘social order earthquake’ of activity ensues.  The hit to markets in late 2016 goes calm and sets the stage for the biggie move of 2017, [which, in fact, mirrors the actions of 1929.  Prior to the Black Monday, the stock markets fell from their all-time highs in September, recovered a bit, then had the BIG drop in October.]  There will be a resutling high level of emotional turnmoil from February into July of 2017

Hyperinflation will hit very quickly- so fast, in fact, what’s left of middle America will be hit by increases in necessities like food and fuel.  It will move people to action and to “get into the streets,” as it were.

The “missing gold” meme is the removal of GLD options, not disappearing physical gold.


Hints of “time laboratory accidents” are coming into a bigger stage tied in with the “Mandela effect.”  [From the context, it would appear that there is some sort of noticable “jump” that I would equate to a change over to a different timeline.]  The reports of “time glitches” or perceptual temporal crinkes” manifest.

Telepathy and “mental state changes” make its way into the conversation [the rising vibration of humanity and what manifests accordingly.}

Meniton of DIY biology.  New bacteria are “made” that fulfill a function (eat rust, recycle iron [and break down harmful substances into benign substances?  Eh?]

A deep sea creature that can find energy and resources materials to become factories that harvest electricity are mentioned.

Time crime prediction.

On-site oil and cracking refinery is coming on a desktop level for waste oil is coming.  Waste heat is significant due to the scale and will be welcome in the 2030s from encroaching glaciers and dropping temperatures.

There will be a device that records energy impressions of a “psychic” level that can be shared and experienced by others.  It grows into an industry, people become celebrities (I would assume by the “content” that they share,) and by the 2030s, this become global [Strange Days, anyone?]

Pourous materials that will be used as wiring in new technology for wiring.

Conclusion: Thus does Change emerge in the world…

TPTB push for change, but Universe favors humans.  [The ascension timeline is set and manifests.]




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