Message from Montague Keen: “When you see the full picture…you see how the takeover was put in motion.”


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Message from Monague, 10/30/2016

Things have speeded up on Earth because of the extensive exposure of the corruption. This had to happen first. There is so much more that must be taken into account before you can make informed decisions on anything that affects life on Earth. I know that it is a shock to many of you who had trusted your governments, to now find that they are playing a big part in the culling of humanity. They forced you to have vaccinations that they were fully aware were harmful to you. Sadly, they still do. Remember that you cannot get anywhere in politics unless you agree that the Cabal’s agenda must be accepted. I have shown how these parasites came to your Earth, how they schemed and plotted, and did whatever was necessary for them to be accepted as human. Though they are a predator species, they learned quickly how to hide that well. They do not have your standards. They do not live by your rules. They make their own rules and force you to accept them.

When you see the full picture, as we in the afterlife do, you see how the takeover was put in motion. This predator species exists mainly on the suffering of humans. This is why they constantly DEMAND WAR. It does not matter where it occurs as long as BLOOD is spilt and the ENERGY OF FEAR is produced for them, for this is their oxygen. Especially at this time of the year, they indulge in SATANIC KILLINGS on a large scale. This is not how life on Earth was intended to be lived. All human life is respected and valued. Your soul is forever, you just change bodies occasionally. In your soul, you know what is right and what is wrong. The parasites, on the other hand, possess neither soul nor conscience; only material things matter to them. These are what they strive for. I have told you since I passed over, that the parasites will have to leave the Earth. They should be allowed to do so. They have made life on Earth so hard for humanity as they see us only as slaves to serve them.

It is time for change. Humans are waking up and can now see what has been done to them. People are taking back what is theirs. When people dismiss the control that religions exert over them and free themselves from it, life on Earth will be peaceful and just. Man is the only species on Earth that kills its own. We have been manipulated to kill each other. We are encouraged to fight wars, to kill indiscriminately. As long as you produce fear and the blood flows, the parasites are happy. They even give you medals for killing your own kind . . . think about that. They manipulate you, every day of your life. They formed a SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT that controls your elected governments. This gives them complete control. Because of this, they continue to manipulate you.

What will it take for you to wake up and take back what is yours, to refuse to fight their wars, and refuse to hunt down your fellow man in order to butcher him without mercy? Who makes the bombs and the bullets that are used to kill? Did you bring your children into the world to don uniforms and become killing machines for these parasites? THERE IS NO HONOUR IN KILLING. It has to stop.

Connect to Source without the interference of religion. In ancient times, man connected with the heavens and the Earth. He resonated with the sky, the sea, the land, and all that dwelt on it. There were no killing machines before the arrival of the predators. Are you going to stand by and watch the human race be annihilated and the Earth completely taken over by the predators. The wiping out of the human race has taken years of planning and manipulation. You fell for every trick they pulled. The parasite, like the cancer it created, spreads its evil everywhere without you ever noticing it. Yes, it is clever, but it is EVIL. They invaded every aspect of life on Earth. They got at you from every angle.


These parasites, wherever they appear, must be removed eventually, as they always destroy their host, and this cannot be allowed.

Life on Earth is changing even as we write. It is happening. IT IS ITS TIME TO HAPPEN. It cannot be stopped. The parasites will fight to hold on to their ill-gotten gains and their human slaves. But it will not be allowed. The time for change is at hand.

My dear, we are making progress. The right people had to be brought to your attention for things to proceed. It sometimes takes time to bring the right people into the picture. You have experienced this in the past. Eventually, these people are brought forward to assist.

We are at your side, guiding you.

Your adoring, Monty.


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