Epoch Blog Video Series #4: Podesta Emails #30, Possible Pedophilia ties

Here is a video that covers the Podesta Email release #30.  What started with #SpiritCooking on twitter evolved into the possibility of elite pedophile rings actually getting the light of day, in our face, whether we’re ready for it or not.  The implications are huge.  I mean, seriously huge.  But it’s time.  It’s time for humanity to face this aspect of ourselves and say “no more.”

Here you go:

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Additional Material

ZeroHedge: Wikileaks Releases Part 30 Of Podesta Emails: Total Is Now 47,834

Things start to go down the rabbit hole once you get into the comments…

Here is a very good comment from the Zerohedge post talking about pedophilia terminology


Here are some of the questionable emails:





Here is the David Icke’s video that covers pedophilia by the elites and some the esoteric and metaphysical aspects of it.

Understanding the elite a Little Better

Here is Alex Jones’ video showing the “sacrifice” ritual at Bohemian Grove.



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