Quote Drawer – David Wilcock “The Man in the Bedroom”

 “We are on the verge of some very, very stunning public revelations about what’s been what’s been really going on with our planet. And when people learn this stuff, people who have not been paying attenion, people who’ve been sleeping, people who are not listening to shows like this, they’re going to have a really, really hard time. Because at that point, it’s the man in the bedroom. You walked in on your loved one and they’re having sex with somebody else. And you cannot deny it now, you see it right in front of you.

“That’s the level of betrayal that people are going to feel when they realize, ‘Oh my god, food is a weapon. I’ve been eating a weapons system.’ Citric acid, wheat, dairy- they’ve weaponized this shit. You can’t eat that stuff. You’ve got to be very, very careful about what you eat, because they have put this stuff out there to reduce population. I mean there’s a lot of things they’re doing. People don’t realize this.”


About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler, crypto evangelist, urban agriculturalist and enjoyer of soccer. It's time for humanity to mature to its adulthood. I share things I enjoy and that I feel are worth knowing. Follow along at tinycryptoblog.wordpress.com, epochblog.wordpress.com & grennpitchfarmsblog.wordpress.com Be well, everyone.
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