The Solar System is Helical

In a Clif High interview, he recommended a video by DJSadhu on his youtube channel 

If our solar system wasn’t static but indeed moved as an entire mass, helically, what would the implications be?  The view posited by Immanuel Velikovsky’s book Worlds In Collision  and expanded upon by Thunderbolts Project’s video  Symbols of an Alien Sky fits the bill.  One view posited is that Venus (most likely) was pulled into our solar system when our solar system moved across its path and pulled it into rotation with the other planets.

I first touched on the topic HERE.  It’s a good primer and you can follow the development of the logic trail I pieced together.  Micheal Tsarion is also well read on Velikovsky and refers to him often in his material.

Personally, I love this.  It opens a new door for what-if’s and seems worth exploring further to see what else is out there on the topic.





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