Simon Parkes on Connecting Consciousness with JayPee, 11/6/2016



Current affairs, the US Presidential Election.



Vladimir Putin

Awakening- those that are awake and interacting with those that aren’t

Pacts with Jinn

Energies of Hull (England)

Recovery / destruction of ancient artifacts

How to guide children to speak the truth within the educational system of the corrupted mind

Will Earth ever be peaceful?

What’s unique about the Basque region/people?

What do you know about Max Spears?

Religions and teaching people to figure worship instead of studying the lessons people taugh (Budda, Mohamed, Jesus, etc)

Earthquakes in Switzerland

Misc Exerpt Quotes

“You are not responsible for other people. You’re responsible for yourself. You can’t take on board pain that other people need to carry for themselves.”
[People will only come to realization if they are meant to [soul contracts].]

“People caught inside the matrix give away their power to those that they feel are better than them. ‘They know more than me.'”  [Awakened people ask their own soul.]

“On a soul level, you’re not responsible for anybody but yourself. Stop trying to carry the bags they need to manage for themselves”

I have an extra challenge as my spouse is enlightened, but not fully awake. She defers to outside sources.

The hands are 1 minute to midnight. There’s still time for people to wakeup. There’s still time for bad people to wake up. Once the hand reaches midnight, we’re left with what we’ve got established. No new energies are coming in after that. Only a few percent are awakened.
Very sobering.

Validation from JP on holding your own space and keep on going.

Earth has been a battleground for its resources and control over it’s intelligent population (humans.)

[Bonus- A Lesson: If people work in unison, TPTB (the powers that be) will yield, because they will realize that we cannot be manipulated any more. As we have seen from this election, divide and conquer has been successful.]


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