November Webbot Summary

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I’ve been trying to figure out what the best format to share this info is, and this month I’m going to do a VERY brief summary of content, and throw in jsnip4’s vid just for those who care to watch it.

The details of many ongoing themes continues to gain definition as time progresses.  There is biggest language is around the expanding Earth and the global financial reset (GFR.)

Expanding Earth

The expanding Earth leads to a continuing occurance of sinkholes (mentioned, and I paraphrase, “Do recall seeing as many incidents of sinkholes as we have the last few years?  Expect it to continue.”)

The weather patterns, will be changing, specifically, the jetstreams, so much so that the wind flows and ocean currents shift, leading to ice formations changing at the Poles, revealing “new” landmass around Antarctica (which you can watch here) including old structures related to Atlantis/Lemura/Mu.  The changes in ice structures (specifically increases in places,) leads to moisture being pulled from the air, further changing the jetstreams and currents.

The Amazon basin changes and ocean water levels change.


Deep water oil is discovered off of the coast of Ireland, leading to an oil boom there.

Canada has a mineral discovery that contributes directly to new “flexible metal minerals” and new technology innovations that it enables.


Global Financial Reset (GFR) and shakeouts

The migration out of the petrodollar leads to falling currency value of US Dollar (USD).  The in turn leads to lower tax receipts, real estate sales dropping, job firings, reduced buying power, changes in spending habits, businesses closing, China possibly calling assets on bonds (assets such as real estate, natural resource rights, anything else they have holdings of (mortgage notes, via Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac???),  bank failures, forced foreclosures, people taking to the streets, rising resentment of institutions both public, private and higher education, pensions being raided, status real estate COLLAPSING in value and demand, government budget cuts (which lead to subcontractor business getting the shaft, military bases abandoned (due to no funding,) hospital and medical clinic closures, CASH SHORTAGES AT ATMs, insurance dependance gets ugly, credit freezes leading to supply chain breakdowns of numerous items, political fracturing, failed “global elite” currency system alternatives, GMO products

(pause…deep breath)

banks failing and lower- to mid-level management ratting on the practices of upper management, fueling stated resentments, plus exposing corrupt actions performed through deception used to gain our consent.  Social Justice Warriors lose thier audience as people have to focus more and more on everyday needs

Self-sufficiency coming back into the American fabric (out of necessity,) resistence to forced foreclosures, clogged court systems, tax revolts, snowbird migrations diminish

Dollar alternatives (gold, silver, bitcoin) increase in value as people shift outside of dollar system to retain wealth and exercise commercial transactions in something outside of the out-of-favor fiat dollar.


In spite of all the unwinding and cleansing that’s coming (hard to believe, but I can’t see anything else happening, with the only questions being in what form and what speed,) I retain hope. To that end, I leave you with words from David Icke that gives me encouragement when my belief would falter.  Enjoy.  =)


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