Vinny Eastwood – “Defining and Comparing Psychopathy & Brainwashing (aka, Mind Control is Everywhere and How We Fall For It.)”

Vinny Eastwood is an activist from New Zealand.  He’s a fairly awakened person.  If you follow his YouTube channel, you can appreciate his educated insight, and his dark, satirical humor, and his absolute dedication to bettering our world.

This clip was from an interview with THATCHANNEL.COM.  When I heard it, I knew that I wanted to share it, but Vinny saved me the effort and published a dedicated video of this clip.




About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler, crypto evangelist, urban agriculturalist and enjoyer of soccer. It's time for humanity to mature to its adulthood. I share things I enjoy and that I feel are worth knowing. Follow along at, & Be well, everyone.
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