Brian’s Words – Thoughts On A New World, A World Without Money

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[Let me frame this up front by saying that the topic of a moneyless world is a very large subject with many, many details involved.  What’s simple, however, is the concepts involved and the fact that the human values of caring for one another which are the foundation this is built upon are already present in our world.

This is not a be-all-end-all piece; my intent is to start people thinking towards a goal of a better society and now is the time to begin manifesting such a reality.]

A topic that has been on my mind for some time is a world without money.  My first exposure to was through Michael Tellinger’s Ubunto movement.  The idea is that money is removed as a means of exchange and instead, what one contributes is the currency.  Think of small village or a tribe from the days before large organized societies.  They did not exist using medium of exchange- they all contributed to the benefit of the tribe.  Some people hunted, some people foraged for food, some people made the clothing, some people built and managed the dwellings, some people taught the traditions of the people, some people raised and watched the children, some people protected the village from outside threats… often people did several things or did many things.  It was a sharing economy, one built on what today would be labeled as contributionism.

Noting Simon Parkes, we’re the only race in the galaxy that pays to survive.  The monetary system that we have today forces people to engage their lives in work that they often don’t like, denying us the lifestyle, the time and the opportunity to pursuit the things we are passionate about.  Plus, the money supply is manipulated to extract wealth from the masses for the benefit of the connected inside few.  By centralizing the supply of money, artificial scarcity is created, forcing us to compete against each other instead of collaborating together.

With the direction that life on Earth is headed towards, this will be in inevitable state of being.  The questions arise on how we transition, how we get there, how we function.  It’s a big question, but we have the means within us to figure out the solutions to achieve this- it is inevitable.  If we are transitioning to a world where we live harmoniously with one another, then this is but one facet of it.  I’m including a Michael Tellinger video as a primer, and then sharing some of my thoughts, as they’ve developed to this point, giving just an idea, a glimpse, of what it could be like.

Take some time to ingest the idea and see what resonates with you.  As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.

Very happily, Enjoy.


Thoughts On My Mind- A World Without Money

Everything we create is “contribution.”  Whether it is a youtube video showing people how to change a tire, knitting a blanket for your friend’s newborn, growing tomatoes in the garden that we share, making people laugh, helping to rake the leaves, or just giving time to listen, all of that can be considered “contribution.”  What if we did that on a societal level?  Farmers grow food so that people can eat.  The heavy equipment factories make tractors so that farmers can make the food they eat.  The steel mills process the steel that the equipment factories use to supply the equipment the farmer needs to make the food for the them and the other people down the line.  The clerk works in the store so that they can account for the food that people take to eat, including themselves.  The forester provides the trees for the paper mills, the oil refiner provides the oil and gasoline for the forester’s equipment, so on and so on.  Everyone gives to everyone else.  The entertainer gives from their talent to amuse people and bring merriment.  The manager gives of their ability to organize people’s activities to the greatest benefit.  Art would have its proper place in our society, as an outward expression of what it means to be a human being in its full spectrum, and it would be available for all to experience.  Sports would be about a test of skill and not about one side taking from the other (the value system in today’s world of duality would be pretty much be over with at this point.)  Everyone could have a home if they needed one and everyone would have the medical care they’d need.  Everyone would be giving to the whole and receiving from the whole.  People in want would be served by people who wish to give.  It’s no different than today, no different.  The only difference is that we have removed the limitation of having to acquire monetary resources to act on these things.  You won’t need to raise money to do something- the resources you need to survive would be provided by others, and the resources you need to contribute to whole would be available by others who are giving as well.


Simon Parkes on a barter platform (I cut direct to the segment where it is discussed):


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