Via Kauilapele’s blog- “David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM 1-13-17… ‘Antarctica & Atlantis/Open Lines”

[The implications are huge.  I’ll just leave it at that.  I don’t think I can say anything more. -Brian

If you are coming across the topic tags (that are listed with this post) for the first time, the beginning of the interview covers David’s general background.

Lead in note- as I listened to this while setting up the post, I had the same “holy sh*t!” moment when I realized the full impact of disclosure.  The last time this happened was when the pizzagate matter reached the crescendo in December 2016.

This would totally re-write my understanding of historical events on Earth.

With all that is abuzz in the last few months with Antarctica and the awakening of Humanity, I felt it worthy to help broadcast this information.  I’m listening to the interview as I post this, so the categories and tags may not be fully populated.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.


EDIT- The Endgame I and Endgame II posts tie in nicely with this.


“This was from last night. Unfortunately one must be a paid subscriber of C2C in order to listen to or hear the show via their web page. But I did locate a YouTube video with the show, which I place below the highlights, which are taken from the C2C website.

“Author, lecturer, and researcher of ancient civilizations, David Wilcock joined Jimmy Church (email), filling in for George, for a discussion on recent discoveries indicating Antarctica may actually have been Atlantis. Wilcock says he is in contact with “at least two insiders who directly advise Presidents of the United States” who have been steadily feeding him “Cosmic Top Secret” information for many years.

Source: David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM 1-13-17… “Antarctica & Atlantis/Open Lines”


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