Alex Collier at the Project Camelot AWAKE and AWARE conference. “Enough is enough. No more bullsh*t”

“Enough is enough.  It is time we stepped into our power.  No more bullshit!”

This Alex speaking at the Project Camelot “AWAKE and AWARE” conference.

Notable quotes highlighted below.  Alex as poignant as ever.

Alex Collier is a contactee with a race of Nordic looking humans from the constellation of Andromeda.

He has had a number of contact experiences since his childhood and this developed over the years as he was given more and more information by his Andromedan contacts.

Do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.





“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

“You are not a physicality.”

“The USA was a deliberate creation.”

“47 layers of top secret clearance exist above the office of President.”

“We are not domesticated lapdogs.”

“It’s about [other races] mentoring [humanity].  Not saving [humanity.]”

“We have to rescue us from ourselves.”

“We’re going to have to deconstruct a lot of the framework of understanding that we’ve built around ourselves.”

Audience Questions:

  • What is greed?
  • Elaborate on the Patal?
  • Intuition
  • The purpose of the JFK assassination
  • Why are some topics not covered? (children)



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