We Interrupt This Broadcast – “SecureTeam10: Alien Voice Hijacks Television Broadcast”

This is a SecureTeam10 video talking about an incident in 1977 in Southampton, England when a TV transmission was interrupted by a message from Vrillon of Ashtar Galactic Command.  What stood out about this was that I’ve seen Ashtar GC mentioned in before (it might have been Mike Quinsley, it might have been some place else.)  The message itself is consistent with something that would be “shared” with humanity, so even though the evidence is thin, I feel it’s something worth mentioning.

That said, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.


Here are two news clippings of the event:

News clipping: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id…
News clipping: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id…


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One Response to We Interrupt This Broadcast – “SecureTeam10: Alien Voice Hijacks Television Broadcast”

  1. I never knew about this, but I imagine it was done by some clever students from The University of Southampton


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