Via Kauilapele: “David Wilcock comments on Ben Fulford’s 2-6-17 article (and you may really want to read these ones (baby!!))”

I know the posts have been a bit thin lately.  I’ve been rather occupied with my occupation, the upcoming gardening season, the upcoming soccer season and a new blog (

This next post is shared from over at Kauilapele’s blog.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.


These comments on Ben’s latest by David are (in my view) essentially quick updates for all of us to ponder and research and/or enjoy. He does mention the Super Bowl LI halftime show, as I highlighted in this Kp blog post (and hopefully, by “supporter”, he does not mean the athletic kind).

Thanks to RL for “headsing me up” on the first one.

“Although the insider makes some shocking and racist statements I strongly do not agree with, a much larger collection of what this insider had to say, all BEFORE the Pizzagate emails leaked, can be found here:…… It is very clear that the Pizzagate leaks corroborated his information remarkably well.

“Another noteworthy news event was the Oathkeepers revealing how they are infiltrating Soros-funded violent protest organizations and preventing them from doing the greatest harm.

“One key that Ben seems to have missed is that if Pope Francis sacked the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta thanks to “a dispute over condoms,” that is another code term for Pizzagate.

“…Corey Goode… ended up in the ER with chest pains… Then after going home from lack of proper attention, he vomited black goo — literally — for a few days, suggesting the use of the same technology that successfully felled Max Spiers.

“…I have experienced three days of severe physical pain after having over-used my new exercise machine… I am starting to walk normally again and will be better prepared than ever for this weekend’s Expo, which will be a live-streamed event and contain all sorts of new intel. I will have a lot more to say when I write my next article.

“All of this acceleration of strange and upsetting stuff has happened as I also am getting hit with dream after dream of meeting people at the very highest levels, and clear indications that these leaks are actually going to happen.

Source: David Wilcock comments on Ben Fulford’s 2-6-17 article (and you may really want to read these ones (baby!!))


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