Corey Goode at the Conscious Life Expo Los Angeles, 2017

“What if it WERE true?”

See notes below for topics covered.  This presentation by Corey Goode at the 2017 Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles covers his background, recent disclosures, and upcoming events.  It reveals a great deal of information not yet publicly shared (via free Youtube, anyway.)  At the end was about 30 minutes of Q & A.

Definitely worth the watch/listen.  See the tags for the different topics touched on.

To paraphrase some good closing words: “Don’t direct your passion and energy against each other- direct it against the control system.”

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.


Representative Images of Antarctica and bodies flash-frozen in the ice



  • The battle of disclosure (Navy vs Air Force)
  • Nanites in vaccines
  • Interaction between vibrational densities
  • Dream experiences
  • The Awakening experience
  • Who is the “Alliance?”
  • Is there actual disclosure going on?  (It’s a propaganda war.) (And yes, the deep state members of the Alliance are supporting Trump.)
  • Why is Elon Musk determined to get to Mars by 2026?  [Interesting.]
  • The connection of higher self to our memories



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