End of An Epoch

It’s dawned on me that the original mission of this blog is no longer in alignment with where I am in life right now.  I feel that there are some fantastic sources of news, information and commentary out there that there’s little point to me sharing.  I also feel that my journey is taking me to a point where I will contribute to the unification and upliftment of Humanity by other means.

I may end up sharing stuff on Epoch Blog in the future just because it’s fun (like the Simon Parkes interviews, Montague Keen, disclosure material and anything else that fits my fancy; however, the inner drive to awaken and unite people is no longer being channelled through this blog- I believe it is being channelled into real-world, face-to-face action, namely that of building the urban farming enterprise, which is in itself a microcosm of the larger whole that is undergoing transformation.

As I prepare to change busses, I want to remind you to always do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.

Be well, everyone.


About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler, crypto evangelist, urban agriculturalist and enjoyer of soccer. It's time for humanity to mature to its adulthood. I share things I enjoy and that I feel are worth knowing. Follow along at tinycryptoblog.wordpress.com, epochblog.wordpress.com & grennpitchfarmsblog.wordpress.com Be well, everyone.
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