Alba Weinman – QHHT session 125 – “Raising the Vibration of the Earth & Energetic Healing”

Noteworthy Quotes:

“The new world is a grand experience.”

“The viels of illusion are dropping.”

“For those who pray, pray for a peaceful transition. Prayer is more powerful than you know.”

If you’ve never been exposed to QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique,) it was developed by Dolores Cannon as a method of taking someone into a deep, meditative state for the purposes of healing any issues that people would be having (relationships, addiction, self-perception, etc.)  In the course of practicing, she discovered that clients would frequently connect to “past” lives and that there would be some relevant lesson or message from that lifetime that would apply to a person’s life today.

In the course of these sessions, Dolores was able to make contact with other beings and communicate with them.  The information that was communicated from them built a storyline that coincides with Earth experiencing an increase in vibrational frequency (“ascension,” as it is frequently referred to in many circles,) and the resulting changes in individuals and the collective of humanity in how we view the world, our value system, and how these changes manifest in our world (for the better.)

Alba is a hypnotherapist and Level 2 QHHT practitioner who shares messages from some of her sessions via youtube.


[My own experience with a QHHT session, plus the events unfolding around us have only served to reinforce these messages.  Just like interacting with anyone in day-to-day living, you have to use discernment to weigh what is truth and what is bunk (deception.)  From my own perspective, the channeled information I share has been proving to be beneficial for my own personal development.  That, and seeing how events around us are unfolding, I have zero doubt in what I share; however,  I leave the rest for you to decide. -BC]

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.



Good stuff comes up at these points:



  • Everyone transitions. We go to different places. There will be all kinds of shifts. Some physical Earth shifts. Some gentle. Multiple realities.
  • People of lower vibration will be surprised by the shift and will be transitioned to source.
  • Service to self, service to others.
  • The wheat and the chaff will be sorted.
  • Many good people will notice that the Earth feels different around them, but appears to be the exact same place.
  • The transition is coming soon.
  • Q- What happens when you live in the now?”  A- “Everything and nothing.”
  • The reincarnation cycle is over.
  • People with karma will be able to come back will full knowledge. No more forgetting.
  • We’re talking FULL AWARENESS of all that you’ve learned in all of your lifetimes and manifestations.
  • Signs of awakening: you’ll see things in the peripheral areas of your vision.
  • And mother Earth can use all the help she can get. And pray for mankind in general.






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