“I need to rid myself of my demons.” Robert Stanley on the Vinnie Eastwood show.

This was an old draft I found in my archives, so I decided to share it.  The notes may or may not be in any particular order, so you should probably just take this as a colorful Vinnie Eastwood show.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.


Vinnie Eastwood: Archon Mind Parasites And Aliens, Mankinds Ancient Enemy, with Robert Stanley



Scattered notes

Empath: people who feel and acknowledge emotions from other people.
Psychopath: people who are unable/do not feel the emotions from other people at all.
Jesus exorcised demons. (Being multidimensionally normal, he could sense those particular entities.)

A telling of the story of Archons.
…narratives. loss of

Enki. The flood. Turned it from a paradise of symbiotic life to parasitic life.

PreDeluvian Society
Pieces of the Puzzle: how an aberration spawned from free will created the narrative of life on Earth



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