Corey Goode 12-13, 12-14-17 FB Updates… “Update(s) on Current Events”

Interesting stuff. I’m kind of hoping that the light does bust through the veil of darkeness. =)

Kauilapele's Blog

Okay, well, Corey has a blog post entitled “Update on Current Events“, which is the second of the two FB posts I’m placing below. So enjoy the highlights, and prepare for “The Upcoming Update”.

“One experience, where Gonzales pulled me up to the Mayan ship where I found myself in the middle of a strange battle between the Mayans and a very human looking reptoid being. I was further shocked when I was pulled into a SSP Alliance meeting at the LOC and saw Sigmund sitting at the conference table with a smirk on his face.

“I was briefed on a number of battles that have been going on under the surface of the Earth and its Oceans as well as within its Atmosphere and in Near Earth Orbit.

“People have talked about mass arrests for years. What we should really be on the lookout for is Mass…

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