In Observance of the Winter Solstice…

In Belated Observance of Winter #Solstice…(better late than never)

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In observation of Winter Solstace, I share this timely piece from Zeitgeist, the Movie, which I think adds a little perspective, if not at least gets us thinking.


[PS- thought experiment: why couldn’t our annual calendar coincide with the naturally occuring solar cycles?  New cycle, new year.  Hm.]

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Chronicler. I share a lot of what I learn. I chronicle in the areas of cryptos, deeper truths, and Human history. Rule #1 - Take ownership of your world. If you see something that needs fixing, take action. Even if you're not going to be the one to fix it, contribute something towards it. Rule # 2 - Don't be a dick. Be well, everyone.
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