What is Money? – An Insight

[Note- this is a REALLY old draft that I had put together but never published.  So, here it is. =)]

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.

Be well, everyone.


Start here:

I wanted to include that little clip from David Icke, as he does a great job of explaining how our current monetary system operates.


“You give your time, energy, effort and creativity for this fable.”



[This piece I don’t recall where it’s from.]

Now, on to the matters at hand. And what pivotal matters they are! My friends, you are right in the eye of the storm of change. Your planetary consciousness is at the most crucial stage of its development yet. And so I find it important to bring you to an understanding of the situation so that you can weather the coming storm with your courage in hand… and crucially too… so that you can make the correct, fully-informed choices for yourself, your life and those who depend upon you.

To begin with, I know you have noticed that your world’s financial system is on the verge of collapse. Everyone knows that. And those who have created this disaster are very busy pretending as if they don’t know how it got that way or how to fix it. All the while proceeding to do EXACTLY what it takes to make it worse! While making themselves richer and all the rest of you poorer.

You see, my friends, the financial system is not busy breaking. That is what they want you to believe. It was built this way. It is doing what it was created to do. And what it was created to do is to enslave you, to steal your power and to place control of the whole world in the hands of this system’s creators.

But if you don’t have a clear understanding of the mechanics of your monetary system, this will take a little explaining. And so I wish to offer you, right now, the very barest boiled-down facts. You can consider what I am about to tell you to be a synopsis, but I do suggest you use the resources on the Internet to do your own research in order to gain a deeper understanding.

So here we go:

The first fact is that what you have in your wallet and in your bank account is not money. It is fiat currency. Money is something with real, intrinsic value, like a gold or silver coin. That is money. The worth of the coin is right there in the coin. The value of such a coin does not change.  One ounce of gold is one ounce of gold. That IS its value. Other things might change value in relation to an ounce of gold but the gold is what it is.

It is possible to create paper money. This is what is called a promissory note. I could create a piece of paper which promises that I will give the bearer of that paper, say, an ounce of gold. Then that paper is a proxy for the coin. The paper is worth one ounce of gold. As long as you believe me, and as long as I don’t create more paper than I actually have gold to back it with, then that paper is also money.

What you have in your wallet and in your bank account is not money. It is fiat currency. The word “fiat”, means “decree.” An arbitrary order issued by some authority. And this is what your currency is. Your nation’s financial authority essentially issues a decree to create currency. But it really has no value other than what they say it does.

Its value exists only in the fact that those to whom they give this paper believe it has value. And as long as it flows from person to person and as long as that belief exists between those people, so long it appears to have value. And then only because it is possible to exchange this nonsense fabricated fiction for things that do have actual value.

That’s the first fact. Your currency is not money. It is a fiction created by decree by your financial authorities.

The second fact is perhaps a bit more startling. Do you know who the financial authority of your nation is?

If you guessed that it was your government, then you have fallen for the deception. Your currency is created when your central reserve bank declares a loan from its Illuminati bank.

Let’s unpack that statement shall we?

There are a number of ancient bloodline families that are insanely, obscenely wealthy. Their wealth comes from banking. They have been in banking for a very, very long time. They started out being money changers. They grew wealthy by offering more promissory notes than they had gold to back it with.

They also developed a system called usury, which is the basis for modern bank loans. And they slowly became wealthier than kings, popes, emperors, sultans and even whole nations. Then they became the financiers to those nations.

When one country went to war with another, these bankers were called upon to finance the war. They quickly realised that financing both sides of the war was very profitable business. And then they realised that they could encourage wars with a little skulduggery, and in this way could open the taps of wealth. And so they became ever more powerful too. And all this without any risk to themselves.

When the populace come with pitchforks to the palace gates, when they overthrow a despot, when guillotines end the lives of kings… the bankers live on in comfort and luxury… usually leaping in to offer “financial assistance” to the revolutionaries in terms of loans.

Do you see how it goes?

And today these ancient families live in vast secluded mansions. They continue to be the wealthiest individuals on the planet by a vast margin. But they are clever enough to hide their wealth using a complex game of shells so that they are very nearly invisible to you.

So these are the people to whom I refer when I say “the Illuminati.” These ancient families have been manipulating the human story from behind the scenes for the length and breadth of your recorded history. These families own top-tier banks that the central reserve banks of very nearly every nation on Earth come to for the annual loan that creates that nation’s currency.

We’ll be speaking a fair bit about the American situation in today’s conversation, so let us begin right now by using the USA as our example, shall we?

The United States’ central bank is popularly called The Fed, short for the Federal Reserve Bank. And so it is that the Fed approaches an Illuminati bank. And while there are many such family banks, the Fed is contractually bonded to a particular group of Illuminati families. Let us call them the Red Shield [SB: Rothschild = Red Shield] group. And we’ll talk some more about the different groups in a little while.

The Red Shield group of banking families loans to the Fed however many trillions of dollars that the nation will need to run its economy for the year. And here is the crucial bit. The vast majority of what the Fed needs for the economy is really just to service the nation’s debt that is carried over from previous years.

You heard that right. Only a small percentage of the loan is actually for currency that will float the economy. Most of the loan is just to pay back debt from previous years. At this point, the US federal debt runs to about 20 trillion dollars. Do you understand what that means? It means that your nation owes the Red Shield banking families about 20 trillion dollars. You owe it to them because they previously loaned you money and the debt has accumulated, with interest, to this level.

And do you know how that debt will be paid off? Next year, the Fed will loan more money than it did this year. That is why the debt ceiling must constantly be raised. Next year, the Fed will loan more money so that it can pay off this year’s debt plus the little bit extra needed for currency to flow into the national banking system.

So to answer my own question: I asked you if you know who your nation’s monetary authority is. The answer is that it is the Red Shield banks. They own your money. And they own it in two ways. Firstly because they create the currency that is loaned to the Fed and secondly because they own the Fed.

Did you catch that? I slipped it in there casually enough that perhaps it did not shock you.

So here it is again, a little slower, this time. The Federal Reserve Bank is not owned by the nation or by the government or whatever else you might have thought. It is a private corporation owned by shareholders. And the controlling shareholders are … would you like to guess? … those same Red Shield banks!

It’s a closely guarded secret as to who actually owns the stocks, but I can tell you that there is another game of shells used to hide the fact that the Illuminati families that own the banks, that make the loans to the Fed, also own the Fed itself.

Can you begin to see how iniquitous this is? They collude with themselves to make loans out of fresh air … making up numbers as they go … and you, the people of the nation, must, by the sweat of your brow, labour to repay those loans!

The vast majority of your annual taxation goes to just this: repaying that loan. Each year, you personally give a huge chunk of your income directly to the Red Shield banking families. And the system is rigged such that your nation can never, ever repay that loan. The debt simply balloons. Year by year the debt ceiling is pushed higher, as ever greater loans are made to service past loans with interest and a little more for the running of the nation.

So, this is the second fact: your currency is created, really, by the Red Shield banking families in collusion with themselves. They create it out of nothing. The Fed has no collateral at all to back the loan and the Red Shield banks have no gold, silver or any other thing of value to back the currency they issue as a consequence of the loan. It’s just… made up. Meaningless numbers sucked from their thumbs. They shake their own hands, agree with themselves… which instantly makes them more money than you can imagine.

And you then slave away to exchange your life-energy for this fiction. This created currency. You give your time, energy, effort and creativity for this fable.
And because the Fed must loan more money each year to service last year’s debt, more money is created out of nothing each year. This means, directly, that the currency you are holding becomes worth less and less each year. That is called inflation.

Which is a lie. Nothing is inflating. Prices are not going up. Your currency is just worth less because more currency has been created. So you get poorer each year. You put in the same effort, but the currency you are given in exchange is, over time, worth less and less. And this is actually all just a hidden tax that also makes the Illuminati families richer still.

You have heard the talking heads on the news speak of Quantitative Easing? Well, really, this is just an acceleration of this very principal. It is a deal that they sign with themselves to produce even more currency which accelerates the devaluation of the money in your pocket. Really… it is just an ingenious way to take value from everyone else and further enrich themselves.

The third fact is that only about 10% of the currency in your wallet is created in the way outlined above. The other 90% is created by retail banks. When your salary lands in your bank account, your bank is permitted to make loans against that money. In a system called fractional reserve banking, they are allowed to loan out about 9 times as much money as they have in reserve.

This would be a terribly bad idea even if what they had in reserve was real money. Like gold or silver. It is an absolutely insane idea when what they have in reserve is valueless currency! But, be that as it may, that is how it works.

These retail banks don’t do business with the Fed, they do business with you, the citizens of the nation. And when you go to them for a loan or an overdraft, they are allowed to loan out nine-times as much currency as is in deposit with them. Which is why, when people lose faith and go to the bank en masse to make withdrawals and to close their investments, those banks can very quickly fail. Quite simply, they hold much less currency than they have loaned out. And, if their deposits quickly drop, their business model quickly implodes.

But, as insane as this is, this is the way your banking system works. Most of the currency in circulation is created out of second-tier debt between private citizens and their banks. And of course, you also pay interest on your debts, which is yet another way in which they get richer. But you, of course, are not permitted to make debt without collateral. Only the Fed is allowed to do that!

And, of course, the bank doesn’t need to hold anything of value to back the loan they make to you. Other than, of course, one tenth of the value in this fiction called fiat currency.

The only ones ever held to any kind of account in all of this, is you. If you don’t pay back your loans exactly as stipulated, your property will be taken from you and sold. If retail banks fail, they are bailed out. Which means that the Red Shield banking system creates more fictitious currency out of thin air and gives it to these retail banks (in which the Red Shield family members usually have shares, and often controlling shares) so that they can continue. Which means that you, as a nation, again, owe the Red Shields yet more. So the banks can’t fail. And neither can the Fed. Though it is a private enterprise, whatever poor, insane or self-destructive choices they make, you, the tax-payer, will pick up the tab. And the top-tier Red-Shield banks certainly can’t fail either. They just make currency out of nothing and reap the ever ballooning rewards, no matter what happens.

Only the citizens of the nation can fail. Only the citizens can have their assets confiscated. Only citizen-owned businesses can be declared bankrupt.

Are you angry yet?

Perhaps you have heard a quote by a famous man of your world named Henry Ford. He said, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

If you feel your anger rising, I’d like to caution you: This is how they win. Either you know nothing and they control your life through your ignorance. Or you become informed and they control you through your rage. But there is a third path. A path I am inviting you to walk. Upon this path, you become informed, but do not allow anger to pull you from your centre. And then you connect with the divine within and begin to create something better. Not out of a desire for revenge or retribution. But out of a genuine desire to see the Greatest Good made manifest. And we will be talking a great deal more about this in following conversations but there is more you need to hear and understand first. Right now, I am simply lovingly encouraging you not to give yourself over to anger, as this takes you out of your power.

And so, let us continue to understand the situation.

The fourth fact is that, the Illuminati bankers are not one, planet-wide organisation. It is merely for convenience that I use this word, Illuminati. There is no single organisation that conforms to that name. There are many families who each have their national and regional assets. Some of these families form alliances and group together. The Red Shields are one such alliance that control, by and large, the USA and Western Europe. There are other alliances that control other parts of the world. There is, for example, an alliance that I will call the Gold Group. I call them that because they have maintained a firm belief that it was a mistake to float the world’s financial system free from the gold standard. They always said that it would cause exactly the kinds of problems we are now seeing. The Gold team’s powerbase was originally ancient Byzantium. Now, largely, it is Russia and Russia’s satellite nations. There is also what I will call the Jade Group which, really, is one ancient family that has always considered China to be its domain. There are others, but in the interests of simplicity and clarity we will focus on these three main players in today’s briefing.

And the reason it is important for you to know this fourth fact, is that you need to understand that these teams aren’t playing against you. From their perspective, you are simply pawns on their game board. Game pieces that they use to play against one another. They vie for power, for control over the world. And you must understand that they have ancient scriptures that date back to ancient Sumerian and Babylonian times which promise them dominion over the earth and all men. These are not the same scriptures as you might ever see. These are stories dating back from when these families were the priest class that served certain extra-terrestrial masters. They were given all manner of secret teachings that gave them a massive advantage over all others. This very banking system that you now see in operation was invented as a means of dominion over others in the Orion system. It has been used very successfully by the Orion Whites as a kind of specialised form of warfare. They have taken over whole planetary systems without firing a single weapon using this system. The present day Gold and Green Groups hail from a priest class that served different masters to those served by the Red Shields . Each family has different scriptures. Different ideologies. And so these other groups are aware of the Red Shield’s methods and are attempting to resist them, combat them, but not to emulate them. This is why I say the Gold team, particularly, has been working to return the world to the Gold standard. Or to be precise, a resource-based monetary system. A system in which all currency is backed by precious metals. A system in which you cannot print more money than you actually having the backing for. This stops the criminally greedy from simply issuing currency by edict. This curtails inflation and, more importantly, keeps the crooks honest. And with a resource-based economy, the world cannot simply be enslaved as an unavoidable consequence of the use of its currency. And banks cannot simply create currency out of thin air. Everyone is kept honest. In so many ways, a resource-based economy is more sane than the present fiat-based system.

Read the rest HERE (it didn’t pertain closely to the topic of money, so I left it off, but it’s a good read for the content in itself





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