A good interview with Alba Weinman.  Topics touched on below the video.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find and know your truth.

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FIFTY8 Interviews Alba Weinman / Past Life Regression

Filmaker and Photographer, Billy Rood from FIFTY8 interviews Alba Weinman / Past Life Regression

In her past life regression sessions she discusses her method called The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness Hypnosis and how she developed her technique.

In each of these films you can view one of her sessions
and see/feel what people have experienced.

PART I – Developing a Technique
Alba talks about her journey starting as a life coach and was soon guided to the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) by Dolores Cannon and hypnotherapy in Miami, FL. She became friends with Antonio Sangio and learned other techniques by Aurelio Meijia which led her to discover her own technique. Included is a session of a Reptilian living on Mars.

PART II – What is Hypnosis?
Alba talks about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon and the experience people have on her own technique which she documents on YouTube. We discuss what hypnosis is and how she also goes into a hypnotic state in order to flow with her clients during her sessions. Included is a session describing what will happen when the “veil is lifted” during the Event.

PART III – The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness & Entity Attachment
Alba talks about her sessions and how forgiveness is such an important part of her practice and hypnotherapy. She shares how forgiveness releases a lot of energy that holds us back. We also discuss entities and how they can attach to our frequency and how to release them with forgiveness and a higher vibration. Included is a session with an entity and how Alba uses her techniques to release them.

PART IV – Regression Techniques
Alba discusses other techniques and how hypnosis works by inductions and how to reach the subconscious by diverting the ego. She also discusses her mission and intention of waking up the masses during this time of ascension. Every session of hers is different and it depends on the person and what their higher self needs to tell them at that time. Included is a session with a message to Lightworkers.

PART V – The Moment of NOW and Ascension
Alba talks about her childhood and how it prepared her for her mission. In her sessions, she talks about how she is helping her clients remember their mission and how the Earth is ascending. The energy that we are experiencing NOW are shining a light on “seeds” causing us to grow and awaken. Alba talks about synchronicities and an amazing gift from her guides she received that morning.
Included is a message from one of her sessions in regards to Ascension.

PART VI – Shine Your Light
Alba describes how her sessions on YouTube can show frequency changes and how those vibrations can resonate with the viewers. She believes her videos are so powerful because it is a moment of showing a pure soul in an intimate moment of love. Alba also shares a personal message about her future and to others and the importance of being of service to others. Included is a powerful session with a client visiting a profound past life.