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#QAnon (#Q) Postings 4-7-18… #1064 thru 1080″

Here’s another 17 Q posts, 1064 through 1080. There’s a few items here I’m not sure about, but some of the items were mentioned in the last Q posting.

Recall Q’s tripcode is !xowAT4Z3VQ. Here is a link to the prior Q postings on this blog. I’ll add a few highlights and bold items I find as “significant”.

“RC end. We have grounds. Reverting. Thank you. [RC = Rachel Chandler p—phile network]

“Steel. Tech. America for sale. Systematic weakening of the US. U1. Cash flow funnel. Inside job. Traitors. [U1 = Uranium One; “America for Sale” may refer to Jerome Corsi’s book.]

“EH CA. Relevant soon. [EH = Eric Holder; CA = California (presumably)]

“Patriots stand together. Strength. Power. They want you divided.”