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Presentation: “Ancient Pyramid Science & Hidden Human History – Dr Sam Osmanagich & Corey Goode”

This was a presentation with Q&A mixed in. Corey covered a lot of content of other races and bigger-picture action(s), and Dr. Osmanagich covered a lot of the physical evidence with pyramid structures around the world. They answer questions on pyramids … Continue reading

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Alba Weinman Session #231, May 31, 2018 “Fairies Assisting in the Ascension of Gaia”

An insightful session, I especially liked this because it had some interesting twists to the usual story line of removing [healing] attachments/entities. Enjoy. In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness ™ hypnosis session, this client experiences a life of a fairy … Continue reading

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Puff the Magic Dragon as an Analogy for Our World Today

When I watch Puff the Magic Dragon, I always cry, because I see how it is such a direct analogy to Humanity and it’s issue today. The story is about Humanity healing Earth by finding its voice. Little Jackie Draper … Continue reading

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Alba Weinman Session #237 “Conversation with the Creator”

“In order to fund Love, you have to know what it is to be without” The journey of the Creator Gaia’s journey Humanity’s lessons and mission Healing the body Personal questions The Creator creates to learn of itself “In order … Continue reading

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Fireside Chat: The Process of “Ascension” Won’t be Smooth Sailing- A First-Hand Account

I was recalling to myself how the process of experiencing greater amounts of inner awareness “ascending, ” if you will is not going to be a kumbaya experience. If you’ve done any reading as of late, there’s been a lot … Continue reading

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Positive Head Podcast 702: Pal-Wow with spiritual teacher and author Matt Kahn

“We don’t need to fix ourselves- we only need to love ourself.” “Artistic expression is not about being accurate. It’s about expressing the [emotion] feeling” After the Lee Harris interview on Positive Head, I decided to venture into the PH … Continue reading

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Fireside Note: It’s Already A Small World

As I sit here watching the World Cup (some great matches, by the way,) the thought comes to mind of how we are already a small world.  The nations of the Earth are but arbitrary boundaries that no longer really … Continue reading

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