Quote Drawer: Montague Keen on Hate

“Hate is destructive to the hater. It affects all those around him. What causes one to hate? It is because they have failed themselves that they resort to hate. It is all they have left, and assuredly, it will destroy them too. Only those with a good heart will proceed to the Golden Age. People are being filtered out and exposed. Though you were warned that this time was fast approaching, you ignored the warning and did not prepare for it. The time is upon you now. You must make the right decisions if you want to move forward into the light. There is no excuse, all the information needed is all around you. Does it make you feel important when you attack those who are there to lead you into the light? When the reality of your situation hits you, it will be too late. Think about that. You will pay a high price for being destructive. Has being destructive made you happy? Has it improved your life? In fact, all it does is momentarily take your mind off the fact that you have failed and you cannot bear to look at your own life.”



About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler. I share a lot of what I learn. I chronicle in the areas of cryptos, and deeper truths. Follow along at these blogs: tinycryptoblog.com & epochblog.wordpress.com. Rule #1 - Take ownership of your world. If you see something that needs fixing, take action. Even if you're not going to be the one to fix it, contribute something towards it. Rule # 2 - Don't be a dick. Be well, everyone.
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2 Responses to Quote Drawer: Montague Keen on Hate

    • Brian in Chicago says:

      Interesting. Thanks for sharing that.
      Unrelated: I also found that when I set a Sandisk mp3 player to “fast” speed, you can hear “Cobra’s” real voice.


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