Tom T. Moore on Quora “How can you learn the name of your guardian angel and how do you know if you have one”

I’ll be posting some if the Q&A from Tom’s Quora page. DYOR as always, this content makes some good food for thought.

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How can you learn the name of your guardian angel and how do you know if you have one?

First, everyone has a Guardian Angel (GA). These are very old “whole souls,” that have been around so long that they emit a golden color after raising their vibrational levels—what all souls desire to do.

The Creator of our universe sent out a call for souls to volunteer to take care of us through all of our lives on earth. Our souls volunteered for the “Earth Experiment” in order to “fast-track” the raising of their vibrational levels. My Guardian Angel (GA) Theo says humorously that the job description was “Only Golden Light Beings need apply.” Each one of these GA’s takes care of thousands of souls having Earth lives. I was told they prefer the term, “Servants of the Creator, but no one would know what I was talking about.

They are assisted by Guides, who are actually souls that have had lives on Earth, and have specialties. As an example, I had two guides that assisted me when we owned an international wholesale tour company, and left when we sold it, and now I have two guides that assist me in our international film distribution business. I also have two guides that assist me in writing my books and newsletters. And then my mother from this life assists me with “all things feminine,” as 80% of my newsletter subscribers are women. You also have one main guide that is typically a member of your soul group or “cluster,” as they are called.

Now for names. I was just like you. I asked what my GA’s name is. He replied that it is impossible for us to pronounce angelic names, so I could call him “Tom, Dick, or Harry, but Tom might be confusing in your meditations.” I thought about it for a couple of weeks and suddenly the name “Theo” popped up. These days I suggest that you just say out loud, “Guardian Angel, what name shall I call you?” You may immediately get an answer, or it may take a few days, as it did me. I would later learn that I’ve called him that in many past lives.

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