Tom T. Moore on Quora “Why do people not believe in reincarnation?”

This was a good one.  I’ll be posting some more of the Q&A from Tom’s Quora page.  In the meantime, DYOR as always.  If anything, this content makes some good food for thought.

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Why do people not believe in reincarnation?

Many people believe or do not believe in reincarnation according to their religious beliefs. If you are taught a particular belief, then you teach it to your children, and they teach it to theirs and so on.

In the Christian religion there was a belief in reincarnation up until Constantine assembled 300+ bishops, cardinals, etc. from the Catholic and Greek Orthodox faiths in 325 AD to come to a common agreement as to what their Christian beliefs would forever be. Then for the next two years they argued back and forth, voting to accept some books or testaments and rejecting and burning others. At some point it was decided that if the uneducated people of that day and time believed in reincarnation, they would be less likely to contribute money to the church to absolve their “sins.” Thankfully, the Vatican has copies of these books in their archives that will someday be studied. They are not available to researchers at the present time.

Power and money was the underlying goal of many of the decisions. Yeshua ben Yosef, as he was called then, or Jesus in English, was born in late August—not December 25 as is now celebrated (and four years earlier than believed due to poor record keeping 2,000 years ago). That was a big pagan holiday, so in order to convert those people, the Christian leaders switched his birthday to the Saturnalia holiday.

You may wish to read my article THE ORIGIN OF CHRISTMAS for more ways they integrated pagan celebrations into the Christian religion.…

Because scientists have yet to prove the existence of the soul, many of them remain atheists. But they also can’t prove that love exists, yet we all know that it does. Souls were created in love for eternity, and how boring would it be for a soul to have just one life on Earth and then go to some idyllic place? Our souls’ goal is to raise their vibrational levels, and they are doing that through lives on the most difficult planet in the universe—Earth. On average each soul “fragment” has 600 to 800 lives on Earth to experience every single thing the Earth has to offer. May I suggest you read other answers I’ve given on Quora on reincarnation.


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