Tom T. Moore on Quora: “Is it true that plasma from the UFO is responsible for the making of the crop circles?”

I’ll be posting some more of the Q&A from Tom’s Quora page.  In the meantime, DYOR as always.  If anything, this content makes some good food for thought.

Be well, Everyone.

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Is it true that plasma from the UFO is responsible for the making of the crop circles?

From what I’ve been told small robotic craft are used to create the crop circles. You could compare them to highly advanced drones.

Here is the best video I’ve found that includes the “scout ship” I’ll call it directing the two robotic drones.

So I asked my “brother on another planet” Antura about whether this was real or CGI.

Antura, was the ET craft seen creating the crop circle real or CGI?

No, it was real Tom, and it did know that it was being observed from above but felt this was the time (this was a group decision mind you) to show or demonstrate how the crop circles are created.

Were there beings inside the ship?

Yes, and as you saw there were two robotic craft that the crew used to assist in the creation of the crop circle.

Why did the outside of the ship rotate?

That was part of the propulsion system.

There appeared to be no windows in the craft?

No, but they had displays on the inside and needed none.

So one more time, this was a real ET craft making a crop circle?

Absolutely Tom. As you notice, the world did not go into an uproar.

From Tom’s website, The Gentle Way:

“Tom T. Moore is an award-winning author, speaker, and is in the entertainment business, where for over 25 years he has been president and CEO of his own international motion picture and TV program distribution business, based in Dallas, Texas. During this time, he has traveled extensively as part of his business duties to international film markets held in Cannes, France, Milan, Italy, Los Angeles, California and Budapest, Hungary.

He is the author of four books: The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels, The Gentle Way II: The Story Continues, THE GENTLE WAY III: Master your life, and FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET (ISBN #s 978 1-891824-60-0, 978-1-891824-80-7, 978-1-891824-80-7, 978-1-622330-05-8 Light Technology) Visit his website at

The Gentle Way books provide a simple, yet powerful tool for everyday use that is a giant step forward from The Law of Attraction, and include hundreds of stories sent to Mr. Moore from all over the world from people living The Gentle Way. In 2014 Tom was voted Best Self-Help Author by the readers of Health & Happiness Magazine. 

FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET details Mr. Moore’s telepathic communications with his “brother on another planet,” who’s part of a “first contact” team coming to earth in 2017.

Before becoming an international film distributor, Mr. Moore owned and operated, with his wife, an international wholesale tour company, selling tours through 3,000 travel agents nationwide. That business began out of his first successful venture, a ski club for single adults, which grew to be the largest snow ski club in Texas. Mr. Moore is still an avid skier, and loves to ski both in the United States and Canada, and Europe.

Mr. Moore graduated with a BBA in Finance from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, and served in the U.S. Army as a 1st Lieutenant. He is a native of Dallas, Texas, is married, and has two children.”



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