Elan – Trusting Your Timing

Elan, the Essassani entity channeled by Andrew Bayuk, shares the message of timing and the manifestation of your reality.  If you’ve never listened to Elan’s information, the best way I’ve found to approach it is that it falls in line with with the Law of Attraction that Barbara Hicks and Bashar share.

Added reading: Some of the Core Concepts of Elan from the Essassani Civilization

For more videos with Elan and Bashar, click HERE


7 Core Concepts
compiled by Egan Sanders
from information from Elan, Orin, and Bashar

I am All That Is
and I choose to express myself in time and space as an individual called “say your name here”. I am the oceans, I am the forests, I am the deserts, I am the jungles, I am the mountains, I am the sky, I am the Earth. I am the solar system. I am the galaxy. I am the Universe. I am the multiverse. I am All That Is; All knowledge is within me, all power is within me; I am all love. I contain it all. I am All That Is; my physical body and my reality are within me.

Separation is an illusion.
the essence of all objects are real, but the perception that they are separate is not. All are parts of a whole; all are parts of All That Is. Everything is connected. Everything is synchronicity; All one thing.

The world I see around me is an illusion created by the energy I am sending out.
My reality is in truth only a dream I am having and I can dream it any way I want to. I focus on the reality that I prefer, act in alignment with it, and then relax and allow the universe to manifest it in perfect timing. It’s that simple.

It’s easy to go from an old belief to a new belief
and make the new belief stick. There is no reality except that there is no reality. That there is no reality is the “real” reality. All beliefs have equal weight. I get to choose. What I focus on I experience.

Within my consciousness exists all vibrations of all possible and probable realities
I could ever experience. I am holographic in nature and structure. I contain it all. My vibration determines which aspect of All That Is I experience to be my Physical Reality.

Space and time are a property of me.
I create time to exist. Experientially, the only actual time that exists is “now”. Absolute continuity of time is an illusion. It’s one choice. In each moment I literally recreate my own reality – entirely -100%. The present is the result of the present.

Any external situation is a symbol of an internal concept and has no control over me whatsoever.
I realize that everything in physical reality is a symbol. No matter what the outer reality may appear like, I maintain full awareness of my intention, trust it, and act in alignment with it. When I shift my point of view, and my approach, my reality immediately transforms 100% across the board. The evidence to support the fact that the reality has indeed changed will be obvious.


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