World-Changing Tech: The Groasis Waterboxx for Growning Trees

This was just one of those things you randomly stumble across that reinforces the point that we will solve our problems, and that all the answers lie within.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

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Here is a video of a project in Spain showing the early results of waterbox usage

A time lapse of a field test in Dubai.  The plant was only watered when first planted

An example of ecosystem restoration/reforestation in an open mine operation

About Brian in Chicago

Chronicler. I share a lot of what I learn. I chronicle in the areas of cryptos, deeper truths, and Human history. Rule #1 - Take ownership of your world. If you see something that needs fixing, take action. Even if you're not going to be the one to fix it, contribute something towards it. Rule # 2 - Don't be a dick. Be well, everyone.
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