Mission Statement of This blog

The purpose of this blog is to pass along information that contains within it nuggets of truth, information, or a storyline, that has the potential to develop into more.  I do not seek financial or personal gain.  My sole motivation is to share information with as many people as I may, in the hopes that it helps them to better understand the world around them and to become better people; if I achieve any notoriety in the process, it is my hope that such would assist in sharing this information with a broader audience.

The websites, updates and commentary I publish are things that I’ve personally consumed.  I either find such things worthy of sharing for the content matter within it, or because it is something that I enjoy reading and just want to share.

That said, I always advise the reader to do their own research, use their personal discernment, and come to their own conclusions.  As Bruce Lee said, “There is no one way.”

Be well, Enjoy.