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Via Kauilepele’s Blog: FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 12-16-19… “Antarctica is under lockdown as secret space program unveiling begins”

I decided to share this installment of Ben Fulford, because there is the mention of the space program (and a good link at Defense News,) and it never hurts to hear what gossip is circulating these days.  Some of it … Continue reading

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Via Truth Earth: “Corey Goode Update | Anshar Healing and Restoration of Contact, Alliance Infiltrated, Partial Disclosure Push, Military Tribunals, Big Things Coming — 11:11”

It’s been awhile since I’ve come across some good Corey Goode material, but this fits the bill of being worth sharing.  Like anything, it’s tough to verify, but that will be up to you, the reader to determine what fits … Continue reading

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Via Kauilapele’s Blog: “Emery Smith 7-10-18… “Where do I stand in the middle of all of this?” (regarding Gaia, DW, CG, and ‘the letter’) “

In light of the whole David-Wilcock-leaves-Gaia drama that’s barfing all over the internets, I found this Emery Smith’s commentary to refreshing and worth sharing in that regards. Be well, Everyone. “In my view, this is an excellent balancing message from … Continue reading

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Presentation: “Ancient Pyramid Science & Hidden Human History – Dr Sam Osmanagich & Corey Goode”

This was a presentation with Q&A mixed in. Corey covered a lot of content of other races and bigger-picture action(s), and Dr. Osmanagich covered a lot of the physical evidence with pyramid structures around the world. They answer questions on pyramids … Continue reading

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Via Kauilapele’s Blog: June 2, 2018 #CITD2018 David Wilcock-Emery Smith… NOTES

As far as this information goes, it’s consistent with the narrative.  If and how it unfolds (if it does, ) we’ll see. As always, use your discernment (DYOR) and use what you find useful. Be well, Everyone. June 2, 2018 … Continue reading

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Emery Smith Interview – “Conversations with Kosta” –, April 26, 2018

Goes over his background, things he observed, and talks about some of the technologies on Earth today that can be utilized for the benefit of mankind. Enjoy, DYOR, and be well, Everyone.

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Emery Smith on Fade to Black w/Jimmy Church, Ep. 832: C2C Show Analysis

Emery Smith is an insider who worked within the US’s hush-hush space programs, performing autopsies. Take the info provided for what it’s worth.  It’s up to you decide what to make of it.  If you’ve read anything by Michael Salla, … Continue reading

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