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Disease is the Barometer of the Energetic Health of a Society, By Brian Cost

When the mind is distorted, frequencies are distorted.  When frequencies are distorted, cells don’t operate within the harmonious oneness of the body’s energy and Source energy.  It is akin to a species that has a branch physically separated from the … Continue reading

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Evolving Into Consciousness: Explained By Sadhguru

A reminder that our 3D, five-sense world that commands our attention is not what it’s all about. Enjoy, and be well, Everyone. “Being human means just this- that you can consciously decide what is the nature of your experience right … Continue reading

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Pleadian Wisdom: The Journey

It’s never been about where you are at- it’s always been about the journey and what you experience; the experience of impression, the experience of interpretation, the experience of learning and reflection. It’s about all the things you experience as … Continue reading

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Via Indian in the Machine: “A Look Into The Crystal Cities”

A look into what can.  I see this the possibility of this. Enjoy, and be well, Everyone. A Look Into The Crystal Cities Sharing the shared dream of the crystal cities… buildings filled with life-giving properties, arranged in geometric harmonic … Continue reading

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Giorgio Tsoukalos: Gods or Ancient Aliens?

Other than knowing that Giorgio’s appearance on Ancient Aliens is what brought him into the public sphere, my only real knowledge of him is his familiar association with David Wilcock. I’m sharing this for the content of evidence from ancient … Continue reading

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Jeff Berwick: “How I took the red pill and realized everything in our cult(ure) is a lie.”

I’ve not followed Jeff’s Dollar Vigilante website or his YouTube channel much. In this video, he covers his backstory, awakening, and the creation of The Dollar Vigilante, all while dropping a lot of little red pills along the way.  For that … Continue reading

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The Storm is Coming #YouTubePurge

“They’re burning books by the truckload.” There’s some chit-chat that this is in fact a coordinated take-down of alternative news outlets.  Wouldn’t be surprised.  If the fit is going to hit the shan for the deep state and its actors … Continue reading

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